Ariel Leggett is an Account Manager and she loves the people and the atmosphere at RCS! She loves working with the customers and her team, and she enjoys the challenges of solving problems and helping people. Prior to working at RCS Ariel never had a job that she looked forward to going to, now she can honestly say that each day of work is a joy.

Ariel is known around the office and at church for her thrifty fashion. Nearly all of her wardrobe consists of items purchased at our local thrift shop, The LISTEN Center, or (more often) from raiding bags of friends clothes before they donate!

She was born and raised for the most part in Lyme, NH, but spent some time in Texas, too! Ariel is morphing into more of a craft beer fan since she’s always surrounded by beer connoisseurs. Her current beer of choice is the Hopulization from Stoneface Brewery.

Ariel Leggett with her kids