Barbara Collier

Barabara Collier is a Merchant Accounts Customer & Partner Liaison for Mocha Payments and when she was given the opportunity to be a part of such a great team at RCS, she couldn’t resist. Barbara enjoys the great culture we offer at Retail Control Systems. They treat the employees like family and are always ready to brainstorm and figure out better ways for the employees to serve the customer. As a team member, she sees how Retail Control Systems puts its mission into action. Barbara really identifies with the part of the mission statement that states, “we hold our customer’s success as a measure of our own”. Barbara always strives to better serve our customers so that they can be successful in their endeavors.

Through the years, Barbara has developed a curiosity for a variety of artistic expressions. This curiosity led her to try her hand at a few of them; such as jewelry making, painting, pottery and even making stain glass pieces. She loves to dabble in the arts and is always looking for new challenges to explore. Currently, her favorite method of artistic expression has been oil painting and she is looking forward to her next landscape painting.

Barbara is from Memphis, Tennessee and like a true southerner she loves a tall glass of ice tea or the occasional margarita.