Sales Manager

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer
Department: Sales


The Sales Manager will be responsible for managing the sales team and will work together with the Marketing Manager to meet company sales goals with strategic marketing goals. Sales manager will service and develop existing markets as well as initiate efforts in new markets and geographic territories. Sales manager will design and implement strategies to maximize customer satisfaction and develop able and motivated sales professionals.

Principle Tasks:

Meet and exceed Company sales goals by managing the sales team in a way that drives each individual to meet and exceed goal.

Develop new customers and new territories, create and oversee business development plans to reach them. Develop new business relationships and resell to existing customer base.

Coordinate sales forecasting, planning and budgeting processes within the sales department and coordinate resources with marketing efforts. Monitor results and ensure quality, professionalism, and overall results of the sales staff.

Assign sales quotas with optimum opportunity for success by individuals making up the RCS sales force.

Monitor sales professionals and their sales processes to ensure efficiency and success. Enable sales professionals with necessary tools, reports, training, as well as appropriate and motivating compensation guidance to Company owners.

Ensure communication chain is maintained using all types of methods to reach your team and existing and new clients, including but not limited to face-to-face, phone, email, marketing pieces, social media, other advertising methods.

Ensure customer quotes and RFP’s are timely, and accurate as well as clearly communicated to the client.

Participate in scope development, documentation and review of customer projects and internal projects. Be a resource for customer satisfaction and open chain communication.

Desired Qualifications and Experience:

  • 5-10 years of progressively responsible sales management experience.
  • Strong skills in project management software and MS Office applications.
  • Excellent organizational skills as well as the ability to efficiently multi-task.
  • Strong focus on day-to-day operational excellence, and a personal style that builds trust, and inspires loyalty.
  • Motivated, proactive, be able to learn and adapt quickly.

Working Conditions:

Primarily in an office environment. Frequent travel is necessary in order to meet sales and strategic objectives, as well as bring a presence to RCS’ national office locations.

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