Software Developer 2

Position Title: Software Developer 2
Department:  Services
Reports to: Chief Operations Officer

Summary: This role is to enhance the Company product offerings to customers and vertical markets. The software developer is responsible for staying up to date with new technology, have a deep knowledge of RCS approved software products, and maintain strong communication on the status of development projects. Where necessary, the developer will create a detailed scope document and an estimate of labor hours and timeline for delivery of the product.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • New programs and software enhancement
    • Develop new programs and complete customization requests for RCS clients
    • Work with RCS clients to define and design product
    • Document scope and final programs, ensure programs and related information is cataloged
    • Provide secondary support for the developed products
  • Vertical market development
    • Work with the Sales team to define and design RCS specialty software products
  • Provide advanced SQL and Crystal Reports support for the support department
  • RCS Development
    • Work with the management team to develop tools for RCS operations
  • Work with RCS team and customer to define scope document for development projects.
    • Provide details of time and materials to complete scope of work.
  • Maintain an up-to-date development calendar to track the progress and phase of each development project. Effective and timely communication of project status with clients and RCS team members.
  • Track time logs and development details in management software to ensure accurate and timely billing of Software development.
  • Thorough testing of all developed goods to ensure it adheres to scope and is error free prior to implementation.
  • Ensure time and materials required to complete development work is equal to or less than budget and final goods are delivered on or before delivery date.
  • Create clear installation instructions and manuals for developed goods. Catalog results.
  • Be a team member of RCS by treating co-workers and customers with professional respect and assistance.
  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment, other duties as assigned.

Skill requirements:

  • Developer level knowledge and ability to create and modify SQL code (Tables, columns, functions, SQL jobs, stored procedures, Triggers) in the versions of SQL server used by RCS approved software products.
  • Developer level knowledge of additional programming including but not limited to REST API, Crystal Reports, SQL, Visual Basic, xml, html, .net, C#, and  C++
  • Develop/maintain version control mechanisms and procedures
  • Adheres to secure coding standards

Working conditions:

  • General office working conditions with long periods of sitting at a computer desk
  • Occasional long work hours outside of normal work days in order to meet deadlines

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