Jess Morey

Jess Morey – Front Line Service Technician at RCS

Jess Morey joins RCS as a Front Line Service Technician. She chose to work at RCS because she admires the RCS mission statement and our core values.

Outside of work you can find Jess socializing with her family, cooking, baking and going on cruises. Jess also enjoys riding her motorcycle and likes to volunteer in the community with Veterans, the Battered Women Shelter and other non-profits.

Jess is originally from Claremont, New Hampshire, but she has also lived in New York City and Daytona. She now resides in Ocala, Florida.

Jess‘ biggest adventure recently was marrying her fiance after 8 years of living together and selling their home in Claremont to move to Florida.

As an employee Jess see’s her strengths as having patience and empathy with customers.

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