Feeling Uninspired? Take a Glimpse of Goodwill Industries’ Social Impact

Feeling Uninspired? Take a Glimpse of Goodwill Industries’ Social Impact

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by John Garvey

Edward on a computer at GoodwillAt a glance, Edward Smith’s past didn’t bode well for his future. A felony conviction and prison sentence tend to limit a person’s career options.

“When I was incarcerated I realized all the barriers that I had against me,” Edward recalls. “And I said to myself that I have to be willing to do three times the work as the average person in order to be on an equal playing field.” So that’s what he did at Goodwill Denver.

“And in doing that, it’s propelling me towards my greatest potential. And to me it means the world. Goodwill gave me an opportunity based off of the mission of the company and also me putting my effort and my intellect towards that. On one hand, they give you a platform but on another hand you have to be willing to step up and utilize that platform to build upon it.”

Edward began working at Goodwill as a Donation Attendant, an important but unglamorous role. His strong work ethic, poise and kindness were immediately evident to his supervisors. And he wasn’t working for an ordinary company. Goodwill was more interested in his character than his past, which allowed him to assume greater leadership and responsibility over a relatively short time.

Now a Certification and Compliance Specialist, Edward leads a team with extensive responsibilities in the electronics department at Goodwill Denver. He’s also pursuing a masters degree and recently received the prestigious Goodwill Opportunity Award.

Goodwill Industries isn’t exactly a retailer. It’s a nonprofit organization whose call to arms is helping disadvantaged people find meaningful, long-term employment. See what they have accomplished in their hundred year history.

Goodwill’s programs assist people with diverse needs, including at-risk students, people with disabilities, individuals like Edward striving to overcome their past, farmers and ranchers, and anyone who wants the dignity of work. Each program is unique, but shares a common denominator: The Power of Work.

Goodwill Industries Impact Summary
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“Our programs are all workforce-oriented, so all of our mission programs are geared toward getting people back to work, making sure that they have the training and the skills that they need to succeed in the workforce,” explains Jessica Hudgins Smith, PR & Digital Media Manager at Goodwill Denver. “Our mission is to spread the Power of Work and help these individuals reach dignity and self-sufficiency. That’s what Goodwill is all about really”.

“We have these retail stores that exist so that we can provide these workforce development programs.”

Goodwill Denver’s largest program is currently the Youth Career Development Program, which serves close to 16 thousand students a year.

“Those programs are geared toward making sure those students have the tools they need to graduate, but also to either enter the workforce right after high school or to succeed in college and beyond,” Jessica states.

“And that programming can be anything from one-on-one mentoring to job shadows. It can be apprenticeships. We do mock scholarship interviews and a variety of different mentoring groups for those students.”

Edward’s role is to ensure that electronics are recycled responsibly. This requires thorough due diligence over multiple parties and an astute understanding of environmental and workplace safety regulations.

Edward holding a Goodwill sign“You have to perform your due diligence so that you can remain a good steward for the environment,” he explains.

“It’s way bigger than your business. You have to consider your global impact. … And that’s my job to go through my downstream vendors. Their ratings, their environmental permits, the individuals that they’re doing business with, making sure that they’re following EPA regulations and OSHA regulations, making sure that they have safety programs in place for their employees as well and making sure that they have an environmental health and safety policy that’s beneficial for the company.”

Retail Control Systems has partnered with Goodwill Industries of Denver since 2014, as well as several other Goodwill chapters. Without reliable point-of-sale and business support systems, Goodwill wouldn’t be empowering people like Edward.

“I personally have worked with Retail Control Systems for the last three years,” states Cherie Bardsley, Goodwill Denver’s Retail Operations Business Analyst. “They’re a great company to work with; they do a really good job of supporting us on the point of sale system side and we’re happy with them.”

The Goodwill locations we partner with use NCR Counterpoint, one of the specialty retail point-of-sale systems we provide. “We work together really well and our combined goal—both mine and theirs—is to make sure that when we implement something that it’s flawless,” notes Cherie, “And I think we do a pretty good job at doing that.”

Needless to say, it makes us feel good to be working with Goodwill. Several of our team members attended the recent Power of Work Luncheon in Denver, which Edward was recognized at. We’re also enthusiastically looking forward to the upcoming Goodwill Industries Summer Conference.

Edward’s optimism about his own future comes across loud and clear through his language and demeanor.

“Because the fact is I have a felony on my record, and there’s no escaping that,” he acknowledges, “but people are trusting me enough based off of the role that I’m modeling to put me in charge of different things. So it means a lot to be able to demonstrate that as an employee. And as a dad, to have my son watching me and having a positive role model in his life—a role model that I didn’t have in my life.”

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2015 Envision Conference Recap

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Another Envision Conference has come and gone….

And we want to thank everyone who came out to the 2015 Envision Conference in Denver! RCS had a blast educating and inspiring current and prospective customers to do more with NCR Counterpoint. Check out our conference video for a recap of what we covered. We had lots of learning, laughs, good food and of course coffee!

Did you miss out on the Envision Conference or want to review presentations that you attended? Click this link to download the presentations or you can find them on my.retailcontrolsystems.com.

Here is what some attendees had to say about the 2015 Envision Conference:

“You guys really knocked it out of the park! Great sessions, once again, my notepad is full of ideas. Work for another year! Thanks!” –Greg Scholand, Lighthouse Marine

“Great information, excellent class and speakers. It helped me create a lot of ideas and projects for the upcoming months. Most definitely worth attending.” –Randell Vansant, White Elephant

“The sessions offered had great content. Everyone is very friendly and willing to chat more in depth. Thank you for the conference.” –Rachel McLane, COSI

We hope to see everyone at the 2016 Envision Conference! Location and dates to be announced, make sure to be on the lookout!


RCS Envision Conference Early Bird Deadline Ends on July 31st

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We are looking forward to seeing you all at the upcoming RCS Envision Conference. During this event, you’ll benefit from a multitude of tracks focused around Counterpoint Product Education, as well as information on new NCR products, vertical offerings and marketing sessions that will help you achieve more success in your business.

Here’s what customers have said about our previous conferences:

“A Very well organized conference, good presentations, and a good variety of topics with good session length.” – Jeff Cole, Goodwill Industries of Greater Washington

“The topics were great and somewhat hard to choose from; it was great when the topic was scheduled the next day or at a later time.” – Rachel McLane, COSI

Here’s what you can expect from this conference:

  • 2 Full Education Packed Days
  • 3 Tracks – 25 Sessions, Including Tracks for Advanced Users
  • Counterpoint Lab with Experienced Technicians Available to Assist with your Questions
  • Dozens of Product Exhibits
  • Access to key RCS and NCR Personnel
  • Breakfast and Lunch both days; Dinner & Entertainment on Thursday!

Conference Address: Denver Marriott City Center 1701 California Street  Denver, CO 80202

Suggested Airport:Denver International Airport 8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249 (303) 342-2000
Click the link below for details or to register.

June 2015 Events

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Retail Control Systems routinely attends industry events in order to enhance our knowledge and, in turn, to enable us to better serve you with our industry specific point of sale solutions!

Be sure to stop by and visit RCS at the following events:

  • Goodwill Delegate Assembly, San Diego, California: June 20 – 23
  • NCR Synergy User Conference, Orlando, Florida: June 22 – 25
  • 2015 American Public Gardens Association (APGA) Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota: June 22 – 26

Envision Conference

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RCS Envision Conference for Counterpoint Customers – September 17th and 18th, 2015

We are excited for the 2015 Envision Conference! Envision is a conference that Retail Control Systems hosts for our valued customers every year. We strive to compile the most relevant and impactful information into educational sessions, and to provide a fun and exciting atmosphere for our guests!

This year will be no exception, so don’t miss out on Envision 2015! Held September 17th and 18th at the Denver Marriott City Center in Denver, Colorado, this 2-day event will be packed with educational sessions for beginning, intermediate and advanced Counterpoint users. We will also have a track for prospective Counterpoint users, so feel free to bring a friend!

Counterpoint User Conference – NCR Synergy 2015 June 22nd – 25th

Clothing & Apparel, Events, Featured

Come join us in Orlando, Florida at NCR Synergy 2015 – Counterpoint User’s Conference! Racing icon, Mario Andretti, will be delivering a powerful story of his experience with perseverance and success in life and in business.

Exciting and informational breakout sessions for Counterpoint users include:

  • NCR Counterpoint Security and Theft Prevention
  • The Psychology of Price
  • Defining Loyalty Programs to Award Gift Cards
  • Email Marketing Tips and Tricks – NCR Customer Connect
  • NCR Counterpoint Customer Panel
  • Ask the NCR Counterpoint Experts – Andee and Marilyn
  • 25 Things you Didn’t Know Counterpoint Could Do
  • Are you Getting Enough Out of Your Accounting Interface/Integration to NCR Counterpoint
  • Driving Loyalty in an Omni-Channel Era
  • NCR Counterpoint Roadmap
  • Time-Saving Tips for Setting Prices in Counterpoint
  • Credit Card Security – What Does it Mean for NCR Counterpoint Customers

Be inspired as you:

  • Discover how the latest innovations can help you solve the challenges of today and plan for the future
  • Collaborate and gain new insights and ideas from best practices shared by your peers and solution experts
  • Come away ready to lead change and innovate how you interact with your customers

Take advantage of the opportunity to join Kevin Albert and me for three days of inspired commerce at NCR Synergy 2015!

We helped the Red Sox’s and have been featured on PR Newswire!

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During the World Series, Retail Control Systems (RCS) helped the Red Sox Team Store make one of the busiest days in Red Sox history a success with the aid of NCR Counterpoint POS (point of sale). Lindsey Stinson, the Store Manager at the Red Sox Team Store prepared for the 250% increase in business, and 12,000 transactions across 63 registers by utilizing the NCR Counterpoint POS licenses (point of sale software, NCR Merchant payment services, reporting, and business analytics), extra terminals, and assistance from Retail Control Systems.

Dave and Laurie in Red Sox shirtsThe YawkeyWayStore (www.yawkeywaystore.com) began limited trials with RCS and NCR Counterpoint as their preferred point of sale solution in 2010. Since, Counterpoint POS has effortlessly handled the point of sale activities through game day openers, regular season games, series playoffs, the 100 year celebration, and, most importantly, the 2013 World Series.

“For Game 6 of the World Series, the Red Sox Team Store was bursting with energy. From the start of the game to the celebration afterward, our systems ran perfectly. The Red Sox brought their ‘A’ game to the World Series, and so did the Team Store,” states Tim McDermott, RCS Technical Support.

About Retail Control Systems, RCS

Since 1987, Retail Control Systems (RCS), a leading solutions provider, has been providing retailers throughout the US andCanada with state-of-the-art NCR Counterpoint Point of Sale and Inventory Management software and services to help manage every facet of their retail business. Retail Control Systems has offices in Enfield, New Hampshire and Fort Collins, Colorado. For more information, call (800) 417-3030 or visit www.retailcontrolsystems.com.

About the Red Sox Team Store

The Red Sox Team Store surrounds Fenway Park, which seats over 37,000 excited Boston Red Sox fans. The Red Sox Team Store is the official stop for Red Sox memorabilia and team apparel, located at 19 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA, 02215-3408. For more information, call 617-421-8686 or visit www.yawkeywaystore.com.

Retailers Workshop – Fort Collins, CO


We had a very successful workshop in Fort Collins! We recently opened a new office in Fort Collins, CO because we saw a growing retail market in the area, and what an incredible turn-out it happened to be! We started hosting these workshops because we love to see retailers take advantage of the new retail technologies, and help them understand how to successfully grow their business in the changing retail landscape. The workshop touched on topics like customer loyalty and gift card marketing, new retail opportunities, the latest in retail technology, influencing social media, and Google Analytics and search engine optimization techniques. We had some really yummy fajitas and burritos for lunch, thanks to a wonderful local catering company! Check out some action shots from the Workshop!

Dick Calio at Retailers Workshop

Dick Calio educating us on the future of retailing.

Andee Williamson at Retailers Workshop

Andee Williamson from NCR showing us the cool new features of Counterpoint!

Stephen Price at Retailers Workshop

Stephen Price showing us what’s possible with Customer Loyalty programs.

Retailers Workshop Fort Collins Colorado

Full house here at the Retailers Workshop in Fort Collins, CO.

Goodwill Week

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First celebrated in 1951, the first full week of May is dedicated to Goodwill agencies educating their communities about the work they do, especially career services, financial advising and job placement. Their mission of “helping people with disabilities help themselves” results in someone entering the workforce every 33 seconds! Of course, they rely on donations to provide these services, so get started on your spring cleaning and contribute to their mission today!

From May 5th to May 11th, we’ll be celebrating Goodwill Industries Week! For more information, and to find a local Goodwill location near you, visit their website www.goodwill.org and learn how you can help your community and build a better future.