We had a very successful workshop in Fort Collins! We recently opened a new office in Fort Collins, CO because we saw a growing retail market in the area, and what an incredible turn-out it happened to be! We started hosting these workshops because we love to see retailers take advantage of the new retail technologies, and help them understand how to successfully grow their business in the changing retail landscape. The workshop touched on topics like customer loyalty and gift card marketing, new retail opportunities, the latest in retail technology, influencing social media, and Google Analytics and search engine optimization techniques. We had some really yummy fajitas and burritos for lunch, thanks to a wonderful local catering company! Check out some action shots from the Workshop!
Dick Calio at Retailers Workshop

Dick Calio educating us on the future of retailing.

Andee Williamson at Retailers Workshop

Andee Williamson from NCR showing us the cool new features of Counterpoint!

Stephen Price at Retailers Workshop

Stephen Price showing us what’s possible with Customer Loyalty programs.

Retailers Workshop Fort Collins Colorado

Full house here at the Retailers Workshop in Fort Collins, CO.