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Network Management Solutions Overview

The Cisco Meraki product line is fully integrated LAN, WAN, WLAN solution that provides the capabilities that are expected in the best fully managed network solutions on the market and it adds the latest in Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Cloud based management.

Solutions at a Glance

  • Security Appliances to fit all of your needs
  • Network Design and Setup Services
  • No Up Front Hardware to Purchase
  • PCI Services
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Counterpoint Hosting Services
  • Hosting Services

RCS Network Services Help You Implement Networks

We have the experience to implement, configure and monitor networks of any shape and size. We can evaluate your needs and recommend a tailor made solution that will get you up and running quickly. Spend less time worrying about networks and more time on your actual business.

Combine that experience with no up front hardware costs and you have a winning solution. We offer a wide range of network solutions.


Security Appliances

  • Firewall
  • Site to Site VPN
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Threat Protection
  • Content filtering
  • Access Control
  • Splash Page\Branding
  • Multiple Subnets\VLANs per site
  • Client VPN – Remote Access
  • DHCP

Managed Switches

  • 4 – 48 Ports
  • POE and non-POE
  • Port level visibility and troubleshooting


  • Retail focused features
  • Variety of Access Points with advanced capabilities
  • Floor plans and mapping
  • Location heat maps
  • PCI monitoring and reporting
  • RF monitoring tools
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Access Controls
  • Splash Page\Branding

RCS Advanced Network Management Services

Design and Setup

RCS will work with you to document your network and put together the equipment package that supports the current and projected needs. Remote setup and configuration of the equipment is part of the service.


  • Adds, move, changes through RCS Support
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Automatic configuration backup
  • Change tracking
  • Firmware and security patching
  • Hardware replacement
  • Licensing and renewals managed by RCS and are included in the monthly fee


  • RCS expertise configuring the network to support Counterpoint, EMV, and your critical applications
  • Includes connections between sites and RCS Hosting Services
  • Mesh networking between all sites
  • Static IP is no longer necessary
  • Less expensive internet connections
  • Fast flexible installations
  • Centrally managed, distributed web content filtering by categories, as well as whitelist\blacklist. We can monitor and control Internet access without the overhead of routing Internet traffic back to your corporate network.
  • Traffic shaping basic network management services

Advanced PCI Tools, Without the Advanced Price

PCI Services

  • Initial setup to help comply PCI DSS compliance*
  • POS LAN isolation
  • PCI DSS compliant Firewall and content filtering policies*
  • Built-in Wireless scanning (with Wifi capable equipment)
  • Intrusion Prevention Services
  • Intrusion Detection Services
  • Log aggregation
  • Change control
  • Rogue AP detection

*Having this solution does not in it’s self make you PCI DSS Compliant.
PCI DSS is not the responsibility of RCS.

Advanced Monitoring

  • Web portal access for two employees – included
  • Provides detail traffic and utilization information by computer, application, and location.
  • Location Analytics
  • Stick pin map for quickly spotting outages
  • Floor plans and heat maps
  • Status of all sites and network services
  • Receive alerts for predefined events

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