RCS Payments Products

Streamline Your Operations and Payment with RCS Payments

RCS Payments offers top of the line products that help you streamline your operations. With a choice of cloud-based, web-based, mobile-based, and server-based products, RCS Payments offers a solution for every business.


NCR Silver

NCR Silver is built around simplicity and ease of use for all types of businesses— from food truck operator to multi-site retailer. Even though NCR Silver is a cloud-based tablet POS solution, we also give you the ability to stay operational even if the Internet is down. And when you include the flexibility to choose the best operating system and hardware devices that work for your business, NCR Silver has what you need to take your business to the next level.


VX 520

The VX 520 terminal provides flexible, efficient processing for a variety of card types, including credit, debit, gift, loyalty and checks. The powerful internal processor completes transactions faster, providing a better experience for your customers.


NCR Ring Up

With built-in credit processing from WorldPay, the RingUp app by NCR Silver is an easy way to start taking payments.


Worldpay Total Virtual Terminal

Process credit card payments in real-time anywhere, anytime – without significant costs or resources required. Integrate multiple security protocols (point-to-point encryption, tokenization and EMV) to minimize fraud and PCI DSS exposure. Manage real-time reporting across multiple locations with a single sign-on and free data export to popular software programs.

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