RCS Payments – Verifone VX 520

Choose Verifone VX for Faster Flexible and Secure Business Needs

The VX 520 Terminal provides speed, flexibility and enhanced security to meet your business needs – today and in the future!

The VX 520 terminal provides flexible, efficient processing for a variety of card types, including credit, debit, gift, loyalty and checks. The powerful internal processor completes transactions faster, providing a better experience for your customers. Robust internal memory allows emerging payment types such as chip-enabled “smart” cards and contactless payments, resulting in a terminal that grows with your business needs.


Tools to Help Grow Your Business

Enhanced Security and Usability

    • Tamper-resistant hardware increases protection against fraud and misuse.
    • PCI PED 2.0 approval keeps up with the most current PIN security standards
    • High-contrast display for increased visibility even in low-light.
    • A 400 MHz, 32-bit RISC processor means faster transactions for a better customer experience.

Chip Card Ready

    US card issuers are replacing the magnetic stripe on payment cards with more secure microchips. Your new terminal will be able to support both.

    • Designed to support the more secure EMV (EuropayTM, MasterCard® and Visa®) international standard that has reduced card fraud by 35.6% in the UK after introduction.
    • Built-in microchip in the card transmits a one-time-use security code with each transaction.

Contactless Enabled

    Integrated support for emerging Near Field Communications (NFC) payments.

    • Customers pay using a contactless chip embedded in smartphones, “credit” cards, key fobs, etc.
    • Simply wave the enabled payment option three-to-four inches from the terminal and it will capture the info necessary to process the payment.

Get Help. Anytime!

    • 24/7, US-based customer care with most calls answered within 30 seconds.
    • Quickly access account details from five minutes or 18 months ago with more than 150 customizable reports available via the WorldPay Merchant Portal.
    • We help you protect both your customers and your company by complying with industry security standards, and our sales professionals are available to recommend payments solutions that can help your business run more smoothly and more profitably.

Speed Up Cash Flow

    • Next-Day deposits* into your bank account help speed up cash flow.
    • In 2011 Visa recognized WorldPay for having the Lowest Fraud Chargeback Rate. 1% fewer chargebacks than industry average can translate to around $1,000 annual savings for businesses with $100,000 annual processing volume.

On-Demand Account Reports

    Reconcile your account in real time, anytime, online at Portal.WorldPay.us. Access the level of information you want, from the amount of yesterday’s deposit to details about a card payment 18 months ago.

    WorldPay VX 520

Build Buzz for Your Brand

    Selling your own gift card is a great way to market your business and build brand loyalty.

    • Your card in a customer’s wallet functions as a mini-billboard – reminding them of the value you offer!
    • Choose from more than 20 standard cards or design your own custom card for a one-of-a-kind.

Encourage Repeat Business

    Reward your best customers – and keep them coming back – using your own personalized Loyalty Card.

    • Use our point-based loyalty program to create promotions that automatically award value on a mag-stripe card every time a customer meets a buying threshold you’ve defined.

Fast Access to Working Capital

    We’ve teamed with AdvanceMeTM, the leader in merchant cash advance, to help business owners gain access to up to $150,000 in working capital from AdvanceMeTM in as little as five business days.

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