RCS Payments – Worldpay Total Virtual Terminal

Total Virtual Terminal for Embracing Modern Technology in Retail

Features and Benefits

    • Process credit card payments in real-time anywhere, anytime – without significant costs or resources required
    • Integrate multiple security protocols (point-to-point encryption, tokenization and EMV) to minimize fraud and PCI DSS exposure
    • Manage real-time reporting across multiple locations with a single sign-on and free data export to popular software programs
    • Create rights and usage protocols to protect information access
    • Accepts Level 2 Card Data – Simplify transactions for business-to-business (B2B) customers with business-specific payment methods, including business, corporate and purchasing cards
    • Reduce authorization fees and manual back-end processes through optional AutoBill, and Vault capabilities
    • Leverage the Vault feature to avert risk of storing proprietary data and liability if data breaches occur


The AutoBill solution offers value-add capabilities that distinguish it from other recurring payment solutions :

  • Allows for revenue forecasting
  • Ability to cancel a customer’s scheduled billing payment before the processing window begins
  • Generates e-mail notification of any declined payments
  • Can send e-mail reminders to customers notifying of upcoming payments
  • Compile reports on-demand for AutoBill schedules that may be ending and previously expired customer cards
  • Import reporting data with batch upload process or to another financial software program for free

Card Vault

Worldpay’s Virtual Terminal Card Vault is a PCI-DSS compliant solution for storing information for credit cards and PIN-less debit cards.

  • Virtual database on secure servers hosted by and located in the Virtual Terminal Platform.
  • Allows tokens to be created and stored for account numbers.
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