Point of sale machines make day-to-day operations significantly easier to manage for everyone in the restaurant business. From general managers to servers, to hosts and cooks, a POS helps the staff keep track of tickets, transactions, takeout orders, and more. When it comes to picking out a POS system, there are many to choose from. Our team at RCS specializes in business solutions for a variety of industries: retail, wine and liquor, cannabis, museums and attractions, and of course restaurants.

Revel Systems

Bar with Revel Point of Sale machineRCS is a Revel Systems preferred solutions provider for restaurants large and small. Revel is a feature-rich business platform that restaurateurs can use to seamlessly manage their restaurant and provide customers with a positive experience. It integrates all operations and customer channels into a single dashboard, making it easy for the whole team to use. Instead of dealing with a bulky machine, Revel’s technology is an intuitive iOS-based POS platform that combines cloud-based technology with the mobility of an iPad. Your customers will appreciate the ease and transparency of the customer-facing display, which also helps facilitate a speedier checkout process. Now that online ordering is at an all-time high, it’s critical for restaurants to use a system that can accommodate. Online ordering integration is a must for POS technology. Revel’s Mobile Order Takers make it fast and easy for customers to place online orders. It also helps staff stay on top of all takeout orders so you can meet your customers’ needs and ensure accuracy for all online orders.

Learn more about Revel Systems and all of its offerings. Feel free to contact our team to schedule a demo and see it in action.