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Thrift Production Manager

Thrift Production Manager is a cloud-based application that helps thrift stores manage their operations easily. It can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with most point-of-sale systems. Retailers using NCR Counterpoint can natively connect to Thrift Production Manager for out-of-the-box integration. Unlock the potential of your thrift retail business today!

Unlocking Value for Thrift Retailers

Thrift retailers grapple with challenges in their production processes that hinder efficiency and profitability. Manual pricing, limited data insights, complex pricing strategies, manual grading, and traceability issues are all common hurdles. The Thrift Production Manager can transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

Screenshot of Thrift Production Manager on a laptop and a cell phone.

Streamlined Production

  • Effortless Automation: Automate hang tag and label printing with RCS, reducing manual effort and errors. Print multiple formats: barcodes, QR codes, and 2D printing.
  • On-Demand Efficiency: Enjoy on-demand printing of multiple quantities with consistent pricing, saving you valuable time.

Data-Driven Insights

  • Real-Time Analytics: Access real-time tally sheets, production summaries, and year-over-year sales comparisons to make informed decisions.
  • Optimized Pricing: Use data insights to fine-tune pricing strategies and boost profitability effortlessly

Pricing Made Simple

  • Flexible Pricing: RCS supports category-based, quality-based, and store-specific pricing, ensuring consistency and adaptability.
  • Pricing Accuracy: Improve pricing accuracy with tools for quality assessments and brand lookup, enhancing the customer experience.
  • AI Technology: Innovative technology that will scour the internet to help determine the prices of name-brand clothing.

Advanced Technology

  • Multi-Lingual: Caters to users who speak diverse languages, enabling processors to operate seamlessly across linguistic barriers.
  • Ecommerce: Identify and mark name-brand items for placement in the ecommerce inventory bin.