RCS Aero

RCS Aero and Aero Enterprise - A Cloud Based Data Center


RCS Aero is our new and improved data center that will propel your business into the future with a hyper scalable cloud solution.

Purchasing your own server may be less expensive upfront, but have you factored in the services required to properly manage that server? With Aero, RCS handles all of the ongoing services needed for the environment. Aero pricing includes not just hardware and software but also services including 24×7 monitoring, disaster recovery, POS best practices, ongoing performance tweaks, SQL enterprise licensing, 2FA security, enterprise-grade firewalls, security and much more. To put all of these features into an on-prem server will be much more expensive. You have a whole team of Aero experts working for you to provide you with the knowledge and experience to accomplish almost any goal your business has.

With RCS Aero you don’t need to worry about software updates or other server-related concerns. Sit back and relax… we have you covered.


Aero is built to scale with your business. Never again do you need to worry about adding a new location, or scaling back.

Load Balancing

Everything in Aero is load-balanced so you always get the speed that you need.

US Based Datacenter

Data Centers in North America mean that you are always close to your data.


We fully manage SQL and regularly perform full server backups storing them in different physical locations for you.


We provide full AV install, updates, and monitoring on all servers. Standard.


With RCS Aero the team has access to your software and environment allowing for better and faster support.


Aero meets PCI requirements of NCR Counterpoint. This simplifies your PCI audit and ensures proper environment logging.

Aero vs. Aero Enterprise

Wondering if Aero or Aero Enterprise is the right fit for your business? Click on the image below to view our side-by-side comparison chart.

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Meet the Aero Team



Over 13 years of IT experience specializing in compliance and security including responsibility for security and PCI compliance for data centers processing more than 5 billion transactions annually. ITIL Certified.



Over 10 years IT experience. Network Engineer responsible for payment and loyalty networks for Fortune 50 retailers in North America. Military Veteran, served as IT Support for 14 generals in Afghanistan, currently serving in the National Guard responsible for Internet and radio communications for first responders during natural disasters. ITIL Certified.



Over 10 years Systems and Network Engineer experience. Responsible for 5 data centers providing critical network services, including payment and loyalty transactions, for retail business ranging from a single location to 16,000 locations in the US and Canada. Scaled infrastructure from supporting 8,000 endpoints to over 100,000 endpoints. Military Veteran, 1 year Afghanistan as Regional Network Administrator for Kabul. ITIL Certified.



Over 30 years of IT experience, including more than 25 years of retail industry IT. Experience includes building and managing Help Desks, NOC’s, corporate, e-commerce, and credit card processing data centers, compliance and security. ITIL Certified.