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RCS Puts the Peace of Mind in PCI

Credit Cards have completely revolutionized the retail and hospitality landscape, making it significantly easier for consumers to purchase goods and services. In recent years credit card payments have become more ubiquitous than cash for transactions.

With this shift from paper to plastic, the major credit card corporations came together to form the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council which eventually developed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). These best practices were created in an effort to protect consumers, business owners, and the backing banks when credit cards were used for transaction.

While the PCI standards are in fact a standard, not a law, business owners who process credit cards and are found to be non-compliant may be subjected to penalization by the bank they process with!
Traditionally, compliance is evaluated yearly with the entire burden falling on the retailer. Retailers would need to evaluate their physical environment, network environment, Point of Sale Hardware and Point of Sale Software. This adds up into a significant, recurring, time and monetary commitment that retailers need to account for.

RCS and NCR work together to lighten the compliance burden of retailers who choose to harness the power of NCR Counterpoint and the stability of the RCS Datacenter. Both NCR and RCS are evaluated yearly to confirm that these standards have been met or exceeded. As a result, the retailer is left with peace of mind and a compliance evaluation that is about 66% shorter on average.

The Visa Global Registry of Service Providers (the Registry), acknowledges service providers that have shown their commitment to security by meeting the requirements of the PCI Standard. Find RCS on the list! Search service providers.