3 Retail Solutions for a Faster Checkout

What are you waiting for? The average American spends roughly 37 hours waiting in line every year, that’s a lot of time spent checking Instagram work email on your phone. As a retailer, all this time in line is hurting your sales. Fortunately, there are simple solutions you can employ to create faster checkout, personalized experiences, and happy customers.

1. Quick Payment Solutions

Improve customer interactions and reduce checkout times with the latest payment terminals, a new payment terminal can drastically speed up your checkout. With many of the new terminals, you can offer contactless payments or remove the need for a signature. RCS offers the latest technology from Ingenico, including extended warranties, so you never have to worry about slow transactions.

RCS also offers reliable payment processing through NCR Payments or through our sister company Mocha Payments. People probably don’t pay much attention to credit card processing. However, if processing goes down and you need to contact support you’ll quickly understand the importance of having a responsive support team that gets you up and running quickly.

2. Mobile Line Busting Tools

People standing in a long line outside of a retail shopLine busting is an easy way to speed up checkout, NCR Counterpoint’s CPMobile solution is a mobile retail application for iOS devices. CPMobile can be used for item lookup to find items in your Counterpoint database, allowing a store clerk to instantly check prices and quantities across multiple locations. You can also use CPMobile for customer lookup to search existing customer records or add new customer profiles. Finally, you can use CPMobile for point-of-sale to ring up sales anywhere on the sales floor, at a farmers market, or at a sidewalk sale.

3. Paperless Transactions

Let’s face it, paper receipts are becoming a thing of the past. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 49 percent of paper receipts are thrown away or lost. Electronic receipts not only provide a faster checkout, but they allow you to offer promotions directly to the customer’s inbox.

Meet with a Retail Advisor today and see firsthand how our fast checkout features will help you create a positive customer experience that will reduce or eliminate annoyance and frustration.