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Goodwill Chattanooga Gains Sales, Donations, and Customer Loyalty Through POS Upgrade

Goodwill Chattanooga now has the framework in place to standardize prices as well as monitor inventory, so employees can respond quickly to restock shelves. And this isn’t the only way it’s increased sales. Rebecca raves about Counterpoint’s offline functionality: “We love knowing that our systems will keep running in case of a major Internet outage. Now we have an offline mode with backup for processing our customer’s credit cards so downtime is a thing of the past for us.”

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Features of NCR Counterpoint for Goodwill Industries

Easy to Use POS

Our easy to use point of sale technology with integrated product barcoding and sales insights, makes Goodwill operations efficient and effective. An intuitive interface takes the guesswork out of cataloging, formatting, and pricing your items as well as keeping track of operating expenses, so you can minimize shrinkage and increase your business success.

Manage Donations & Customers

The Goodwill industry runs on community, and NCR Counterpoint has the features you need to stay connected to customers and manage your incoming donations. In fact, we’ve built a solution called Donation Round-Up, a purpose-built enhancement for thrift. Sales clerks ask customers if they would like to round up their sale to the nearest dollar or more, as a donation. Counterpoint’s highly-customizable interface handles this seamlessly, and it has proven to be very popular, with multiple thrift partners achieving 6 figure donation success annually.

Specialized Reporting

Keeping track of every aspect that goes into running your business can be overwhelming, but with our reliable and comprehensive reporting tools, we’ve made it simple to monitor your clientele, sales, and inventory. Our built in reporting system can be customized to give you the information you need – and filter out the stuff you don’t – to help you stay ahead of your business operations and finances.

What Our Customers Say


“We believe we have increased productivity and saved time by at least 50 percent. RCS has been there for us every step of the way, providing an exceptional level of service. They are great leaders in their field and the guides that got us up and running, giving us the support to get the job done.”

Tim Ward, Director of Technology Goodwill Industries of Chattanooga

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