RCS MIMS – Mobile Inventory Management System

Save time and improve accuracy by conducting inventory activities on a mobile device.

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Take Counterpoint Inventory & Receiving Tasks Mobile

MIMS allows you to use state-of-the-art, commercial Android hardware to manage your inventory online and offline. MIMS works in concert with your Counterpoint system, data is collected with MIMS and sent to Counterpoint via an API, allowing the device to be used anywhere. Mobile label printers and a variety of mobile accessories are available for enhanced mobile functionality.

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Cut the Cord!

  • Item Lookup and Label or Shelf Tag Printing
    – View essential Item and inventory information
    – Print labels or shelf tags on the go with a mobile printer
  • Physical Count
    – Use for full physical inventory or cycle counts
    – Scan barcodes and enter quantities using Fast Scan* or manual entry
    – Use one or more MIMS devices to expedite your count, alone or in addition to other inventory collection methods.
  • Transfer Out: Create a transfer out by scanning barcodes and entering quantities using Fast Scan or manual entry
  • Transfer In: Receive a transfer by scanning barcodes and entering received quantities using Fast Scan or manual entry
  • Receiving: Receive a PO by scanning barcodes and entering quantities using Fast Scan or manual entry

*Fast Scan assumes a quantity of 1 for each barcode scanned

Transfer Inventory screen on an iPhone

RCS MIMS Features

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Increase the speed and accuracy of Counterpoint inventory activities
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Log into MIMS with Counterpoint User ID and Workgroup
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Grids and alternate units supported in all functionalities
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Data transferred directly from and to Counterpoint via an API
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