Features of NCR Counterpoint for Thrift Stores

Maximize Efficiency and Boost Profits with our Comprehensive Thrift Store Point of Sale System

Experience unparalleled efficiency and increased profitability with our comprehensive thrift store point-of-sale system, NCR Counterpoint. By combining our top-of-the-line hardware and NCR Software with seamlessly integrated solutions like QuickBooks Online and our cloud-based data center RCS Areo, we offer a complete solution tailored to the unique needs of thrift stores.

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RCS Thrift Enhancements - Round-Up, KPI Reporting, Color Rotation

NCR Counterpoint offers thrift stores a comprehensive solution to enhance their operations. Features such as Donation Round-Up enable sales clerks to effortlessly ask customers to contribute donations by rounding up their purchase amounts. The KPI Reporting feature provides detailed analytics, empowering owners with valuable insights into sales, inventory turnover, and customer trends for informed decision-making. Additionally, the Color Rotation enhancement assists with inventory management, allowing thrift stores to define multiple discounts based on various criteria, optimizing promotions and customer satisfaction.

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Enhance Security and Minimize Losses with NCR Counterpoint

NCR Counterpoint serves as a powerful loss-prevention tool for thrift stores, offering robust features and functionalities to mitigate risks and safeguard against losses. With its advanced inventory management capabilities, thrift stores can easily track and monitor stock levels, detect discrepancies, and identify potential instances of theft or fraud. NCR Smart Alerts provide real-time alerts for suspicious activities, enabling prompt action to be taken. By utilizing NCR Counterpoint as a loss prevention tool, thrift stores can proactively address security concerns, reduce shrinkage, and maintain a secure retail environment for both customers and employees.

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Scale Your Thrift Store Operations with Ease Using RCS Aero

RCS Aero is a comprehensive data center that propels your thrift store business into the future. RCS Aero’s scalability ensures that it can accommodate the expanding needs of thrift stores, whether it involves opening new locations, managing increased inventory volumes, or improving customer experiences. With RCS Aero, thrift stores have the necessary technology and support to successfully scale their business and achieve sustained growth. With RCS Aero, your thrift store business can thrive in a data-driven era, benefiting from a comprehensive solution that handles all your infrastructure and service needs.

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Ready to experience the power and efficiency of our thrift store POS system?

Discover how our intuitive interface, robust features, and seamless integration can revolutionize your thrift store operations.

Thrift Industry Case Studies & Testimonials

Through a series of compelling case studies, explore real-world examples of thrift stores leveraging NCR Counterpoint to streamline operations, increase donations, optimize inventory management, and gain valuable insights through data-driven decision-making.

Goodwill Chattanooga Gains Sales, Donations, and Customer Loyalty Through POS Upgrade

Goodwill Chattanooga now has the framework to standardize pricing and monitor inventory, so employees can respond quickly to restock shelves. And this isn’t the only way it’s increased sales. Rebecca raves about Counterpoint’s offline functionality: “We love knowing that our systems will keep running in case of a major Internet outage. Now we have an offline mode with backup for processing our customer’s credit cards, so downtime is a thing of the past for us.”


“We believe we have increased productivity and saved time by at least 50 percent. RCS has been there for us every step of the way, providing exceptional service. They are great leaders in their field and the guides that got us up and running, supporting us to get the job done.”  – Tim Ward, Director of Technology, Goodwill Industries of Chattanooga

Transforming Thrift - How RCS and NCR Counterpoint are Empowering Salvation Army's Mission

The Salvation Army Southern Territory partnered with RCS to implement NCR Counterpoint, which successfully resolved their thrift store pos software and hardware issues and enabled them to process credit card transactions more efficiently. Counterpoint also reduced the number of steps for each sales transaction, resulting in a quicker and more enjoyable checkout experience for their customers.


With robust training during implementation by the experienced consultants at RCS and their dedicated project manager, Salvation Army could automatically apply discounts with the RCS color rotation enhancement. The Salvation Army utilizes this feature every Wednesday for their weekly sale across all locations and monthly discounts based on tag color.


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Goodwill of Southern New England

“Our project was a huge undertaking with a lot of moving components to facilitate ~75 new registers, Win7 to Win10 upgrade, CounterPoint upgrade to 8.5, and a migration to the Aero Datacenter Environment. We were able to reopen without a single glitch, which is a big success in my book and a testament to your team’s ability to set us up on a path to success.” – Michael | Goodwill of Southern New England

The Salvation Army Southern Territory

“NCR Counterpoint has revolutionized our thrift store operations with its easy-to-use interface and real-time reporting capabilities. Now we can quickly manage our inventory and make informed decisions, enabling us to scale up our operations while adding to the bottom line.” – Chris Pluchino, Operations Manager | The Salvation Army Southern Territory

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