Just like other stores that rely on retail sales to generate an income, thrift stores can benefit greatly from an easy to use point of sale system. Our shop management program offers store owners the ability to quickly and effortlessly catalog products, review transactions, train employees, and monitor operations. With a comprehensive system that tracks where your customers are spending money and how much you are making with every sale, you can quickly and easily decide where to cut back and where more products can be sought out.

Features of NCR Counterpoint for Thrift Stores

Effective Operations

A system allows thrift store owners to improve their employee’s productivity. By using a precise and all-encompassing program where items can be categorized easily, you can eliminate a lot of the confusion that comes with pricing and processing these non-traditional wears.

Intuitive Software

Our system has been designed to make running your thrift store much easier. By creating an easy to use interface, the system helps remove the guesswork when it comes to cataloging, formatting, and pricing your items as well as keeping track of expenses with detailed reporting.

Increase Revenue

By keeping your expenses in one place, your operations become simplified and that means you can quickly and easily see where money is coming and going out of the business and where you could be cutting back on costs.

What Our Customers Say

“We believe we have increased productivity and saved time by at least 50 percent. RCS has been there for us every step of the way, providing an exceptional level of service. They are great leaders in their field and the guides that got us up and running, giving us the support to get the job done.”

Tim Ward, Director of Technology | Goodwill Industries of Chattanooga

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