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RCS has developed a QuickBooks Online integration to NCR Counterpoint that will help you minimize costs, save time, and increase accuracy. With the integration, your business can access and sync data across all your devices. The data is securely backed up, and you can access the latest product and feature updates instantly. QuickBooks Online can now connect to NCR Counterpoint or over 300 other apps, saving even more time.


  • Access Quickbooks from anywhere and on any device
  • Quickbooks Online integration is certified for the current version, standard Quickbooks integration is only certified through the 2020 version
  • Quickbooks Online integration works with new versions of MSSQL
  • No file or field mapping is needed


Your accounts are always organized

Your profits are clearly reported, without the manual work. QuickBooks Online syncs your accounts and automatically categorizes your transactions, so you’re effortlessly organized.


Continually keep track of business expenses

Track everyday expenses and be ready for tax time. QuickBooks Online helps you understand where your money goes.

Cash Flow

All-in-one financial clarity

Each day starts with a complete financial picture. Every account and transaction is imported to your dashboard so you can monitor all your balances in one place.

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QuickBooks Online NCR Counterpoint Integration

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