Leveraging an Omni-channel Point-of-Sale System to Engage the Modern Museum Visitor

Woman checking out at a thrift storeMore often than not, the success of a museum begins and ends with its ability to capture and continually engage its audience. With more types of entertainment available than ever before, museums must do more to meet the modern visitor’s demand for social interaction, instant gratification, customization, and interactive presentations. In order to do this, museums must re-examine and adjust how they operate to meet the expectations of their newest, and now most important customers.

Appeal to Your Audience

Whether you believe Millennials are self-entitled, or the next great generation for social justice and cultural reform, the fact remains that they will shape our future economy. Millennials are highly tech-savvy individuals who expect instant access to information and services. An omnichannel POS system lets your museum offer multiple buying solutions – from online ticket sales to gift shop purchases and more – so you can reach your tech-savvy audience and give them simple ways to buy from you, whether they are standing in line or shopping online from their phone, tablet, or laptop.

Your new visitors are also adventure-driven, social individuals who prefer shared experiences over solitary activity. Using the data collected through an omnichannel POS solution, like NCR Counterpoint, allows you to identify their main areas of interest – from special exhibits to souvenirs and more – and capitalize on that information to identify events and products that will appeal to them, such as a Pre-Show Cocktail Hour from 5 pm – 6 pm. Modern consumers are also highly price-conscious, seeking value – both real and perceived – at the lowest cost. Share promotions, discounts, and specials with new and repeat visitors to create the value they demand.

Twitter App on phoneOptimize Your Operations

The modern museum-goer is used to the instant gratification of streaming video, mobile apps, and social media, so their experience with your museum should be no different. This means providing experiences that are intuitive, interactive, social, and personalized. An omnichannel point-of-sale system lets visitors buy from you in a variety of ways, online, in-store, and in the ticket line. Your omnichannel POS system also allows you to capture, analyze, and leverage your data so you can get to know your customers and tailor your specials, exhibits, and discounts to meet their ever-changing needs.

NCR Customer and MerchantAdvantages of an Omni-Channel POS

Optimize your operations and engage your modern visitors by upgrading to an omnichannel point-of-sale solution for your museum or attractions business. The advantages of centralizing operations with a comprehensive point-of-sale system, like NCR Counterpoint, include:

  1. Integrated Sales Channels – Analyzing information stored in silos provides only a partial view of customer behavior. Omni-channel point-of-sale systems unify your data on a single platform, so you can gain key insight into your customers’ buyer journeys and streamline your services to meet their specific needs.
  2. Customer Engagement Solutions – Connect with your guests with tools like loyalty programs and customer feedback surveys. Understanding when and how visitors are currently interacting with your museum allows you to send personalized messages and offers to keep customers engaged and returning for more.
  3. Increased Speed of Service & Mobile Sales – New visitors demand the same level of service and efficiency they are used to receiving online. With mobile and online ordering and payment capabilities, you’ll be able to increase your speed of service and handle peak periods with ease to keep your customers happy.

As a museum retailer, you need to be able to conform to the demands of the modern museum visitor, and that means having a point-of-sale system that can manage everything – from ticketing and sales to customer tracking and membership programs. Bringing your museum into the digital age doesn’t have to be complicated. RCS is available to help you understand how a customized, omnichannel point-of-sale system can help you to better manage your museum operations.

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