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RCS has enabled hundreds of businesses to manage their operations effectively and achieve success in the retail industry. By offering customized, tested, and certified hardware for specific business needs, RCS empowers retailers to utilize the advanced features of NCR Counterpoint, gain an edge over competitors, and thrive in the market.

RCS Products

Mobilink TM-P80II 3" Wireless Portable Receipt Printer
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Epson Mobilink™ TM-P80II

Your On-the-Go Receipt Printing Solution!

  • Ultra-compact and lightweight: the perfect portable printer for mobile retail.
  • Print anywhere, anytime: Mobilink Bluetooth-enabled printer lets you print receipts on the fly, making the mobile checkout experience easy and fast.
  • Cost-saving paper-saving mode: Reduce paper waste and save on costs.

Sharp, crisp printouts at lightning speed. Its sleek design combines style with functionality, while its durability ensures it can handle harsh retail conditions.

Plus, with over 24 hours of battery life on a single charge and fast charging capabilities, you’ll never be unprepared. Get your hands on the TM-P80II today and experience the convenience of wireless receipt printing.

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QuickBooks Online images on a laptop and a mobile phone.
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QuickBooks Online Accounting Interface

RCS has developed a custom accounting interface that connects QuickBooks Online and NCR Counterpoint, helping you minimize costs, save time, and increase accuracy. Seamlessly access and sync your data across all devices, ensuring your accounting data is up-to-date through QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online offers instant access to the latest features and updates. Upgrade your business efficiency today!

  • Accounting: Your accounts are always organized
  • Expenses: Continually keep track of business expenses
  • Cash Flow: All-in-one financial clarity
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