Digital Displays Give your Canna-Business a Major Boost

The cannabis industry is booming, but that also means it’s highly competitive. Providing an excellent customer experience is the key for standing out amongst other competitors. While you should focus on your product quality, store layout, and queue management, it’s also important to incorporate digital displays. 

Here’s how digital displays will give your canna-business a major boost. 

Benefits of Digital Displays for Canna-Businesses

Digital signage is a combination of hardware, software, and content. The content may include images, videos, RSS feeds, apps, widgets, or text. The purpose of digital displays is to spread your message to your audience and improve the customer experience. Here are the top benefits of digital displays for canna-businesses:

  • Education. You can use digital displays to educate your customers about any unknowns they may still have. Many new customers are unsure about regulations and may still be hesitant, so you can use digital content to educate them and put them at ease. 
  • Improve the customer experience. Digital signage can solve a host of potential problems that customers may experience. You’ll be able to help customers in their journey by sharing information on what’s available. You can also highlight promotions and sales to customers or even upsell other complementary products to customers. 
  • Branding. Federal and state rules prevent canna-businesses from using traditional advertising. In addition to cannabis advertising alternatives, you should also leverage digital signage to reinforce branding within your store. Display consistent logos and fonts for consistent branding, and integrate your social feeds to encourage customers to interact on social media. You can maintain 100% of the messaging on digital signage, which makes it a powerful branding tool. 
  • Improve sales. With digital signage, you can promote specific products. Showcase new products or specials, and draw attention to certain products. Doing so can help you move inventory, and you can even schedule displays in accordance with your deals. 
  • Manage inventory in real-time. When you integrate your digital displays with your POS system, you can enjoy real-time inventory management. Your POS will automatically update displays, and you can even program automatic price drops once inventory reaches a certain level. 
  • Save time. By displaying product information on digital signage, you can free up the resources of your staff. They will have more time to serve customers and to answer more advanced questions since the basics are displayed. Overall, this can speed up the ordering process and help control wait times. 

Types of Digital Displays for Cannabis Dispensaries

Digital signage can help your canna-business improve in many ways. There are several different types of digital displays you can incorporate into your dispensary including:

Digital Menus 

One of the most important ways you can use digital displays for your canna-business is via digital menus. There are many different cannabis strains and products that you may offer, and you can make this information accessible to customers with a digital menu. 

There are many options for digital menus. You could simply label your products, or you could include videos, animations, cards, etc. Showcase the variety of cannabis products that you offer. Distinguish between different products, and automatically update your menu based on your inventory with your POS system

Promotional Advertising

While it may be hard to advertise your brand and products with traditional advertising due to the rules and regulations, you can advertise yourself with digital signage in your dispensary. Create promotional displays to showcase your new or on-sale products to customers. You can explain the basics of your promotions with a digital sign, but you can also add striking images or videos to draw more attention. 

Touchscreen Kiosks

Interactive displays are even more powerful for your canna-businesses than other digital signage. You can install digital kiosks to speed up the in-store sales process and allow customers to explore information on their own. You can include a self-ordering function, which is convenient for customers and employees. Additionally, McDonald’s discovered that customers who ordered through digital kiosks tend to order more than the average customer. 

Social Media

While dispensaries cannot use paid ads on social media, they can use organic social media to interact with customers and increase brand awareness. One of the best ways to promote your social media pages is with digital signage. Include your social media handles, integrate your feed onto the signs, and encourage customers to follow you on social media. 

The Best Cannabis POS System for Digital Displays 

The right digital displays can give your canna-business a major boost, but to get the most from your digital signage you need the right POS system. Anthea powered by RCS is the top retail management system designed specifically for cannabis dispensaries. With Anthea, you’ll be able to set up the most automated, accurate, and helpful digital displays for your cannabis business.