Adding Value to Your Business with Mobile Orders

There are two takeaways from this past year that can help you better serve your clients: they want convenience and they want safety. Offering mobile orders helps your business meet both of these needs, killing two birds with one stone. And at the end of the day, helping your customers helps your business to continue running. The popularity of mobile orders has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic with more and more businesses adding this option for their customers. If you haven’t already added mobile ordering to your website, now’s the time. Here are a few key ways as to how it can add value to your business.

Win more business

It’s safe to assume that many (or most of) your competitors already have mobile ordering in place. Not having this offering puts you behind your competitors, losing you customers and sales. As we already said, customers want convenience. They’re willing to skip over a restaurant or store they like if there’s an option that’s easier. On the other hand, if your competitors don’t already have online ordering, you should move quickly. You’ll have the opportunity to expand your customer base by offering a service that competing businesses don’t have yet.

Ensure ordering accuracy

For restaurants or cafes, this benefit is crucial. Messing up an order costs you time, money, and maybe even a customer. Some people handle an order mixup graciously, while others might never come back or leave a spirited review on Yelp. It’s easy to mess up an order placed over the phone, but mobile ordering helps prevent this problem. You’ll have your client’s order exactly as they placed it, minimizing the risk of wrong orders.

Better in-store experience

Even if you implement online ordering, you’ll still have people who prefer to shop or dine in person. And surprisingly, mobile ordering benefits your in-store customers too. There will be fewer people in your store since those who already ordered will just come in to pick up their order and then leave. There are still many people who are hesitant about being in crowds again, and having fewer patrons in the store can help these people feel more relaxed. Plus, there will be shorter lines which allow your staff to ring up and tend to customers faster.

Show off your menu

Another benefit of mobile orders is that your customers will have the chance to quickly and easily scroll through your menu. Something might catch their eye that they add on to their order, increasing your order value. It also gives more exposure to lesser-known items on your menu. Additionally, it makes it easier for customers to “upgrade” their orders. With the mobile menu, they can see the different variant options listed and can easily check off all that they want. For instance, someone might go to order a hamburger and discover that avocado and bacon are topping options and decide to add them on. Again, it’s increasing the order value, boosting your profits.

Mobile orders benefit your business and your clients. It’s a win-win situation that keeps your business running smoothly and can help it grow too. If you have questions about implementing mobile orders for your business, feel free to reach out.