Automated Data Exporter: Simplifying Data Management for Retailers

The Automated Data Exporter tool from RCS is a powerful integration designed to streamline and enhance your retail business operations. Effortlessly export critical data from NCR Counterpoint to a secure location (SFTP, email, network share, etc.). This capability empowers you to easily access, integrate, and utilize your data – improving decision-making, reporting, and overall efficiency.

Here’s a glimpse into the features that make Automated Data Exporter an indispensable tool for your business:

Streamlined Data Export

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  • Ease of Use: Automated Data Exporter boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring that exporting data is a hassle-free experience for all users.
  • Versatile Export Options: You can effortlessly export any table or view, including custom tables/views, granting flexibility in data management.
  • Selective Export: Tailor exports by selecting specific columns or applying filters based on column criteria, empowering you to extract the needed data.

Automated Export Scheduling

  • Customizable Scheduling: Schedule recurring exports according to your preferences—hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly—allowing for automation of routine tasks.
  • Export Set Management: Organize and manage export configurations efficiently by saving and loading export sets. This enables swift access to predefined export configurations like “Hourly Sales Performance” or “Current Inventory for e-commerce.”

Are you working with a third-party vendor that needs access to some of your Counterpoint data? We’ve got you covered. Compared to manual data export methods or competitors lacking automated export capabilities, the RCS Automated Data Exporter offers a seamless and secure solution for efficiently transferring your Counterpoint data.

Diverse Endpoint Options

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  • Seamless Integration: Seamlessly send exports to multiple endpoints, including FTP, local file/shared drive, and email, ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure.
  • File Type Flexibility: Export data in various formats, such as CSV, Excel, or JSON, catering to diverse data processing requirements.

Configurability and Accessibility

  • User Empowerment: Enabling you to configure exports autonomously, facilitating customization according to their unique business needs.
  • Plug-and-Play Solution: Enjoy the convenience of a self-contained system that requires no special installation or database modifications and is accessible directly from a Counterpoint menu.

RCS’s solution provides a seamless and secure way to transfer NCR Counterpoint data. For more details, customers should contact the sales team or their account manager.