Cave of the Winds and RCS, Discover the Unknown Together

Cave of the Winds Mountain Park has been part of the RCS family since 2012, coming to RCS after working with a different NCR Counterpoint Partner. RCS is pleased to announce Cave of the Winds as November’s Customer Spotlight!

For more than a century, Cave of the Winds has been a must-see Colorado Springs attraction for travelers since 1881. They are one of the premiere show caves in the United States – and, at 7,000 feet above sea level, the cave is also one of the highest! Conveniently located near Pikes Peak and Manitou Springs and only one hour south of Denver, Colorado, brave explorers can choose from three cave tours and enjoy spectacular scenery, daring attractions and rides, family-friendly and kid-friendly activities atop breathtaking Williams Canyon. From mild to wild, exploring and soaring, Cave of the Winds is the perfect Colorado experience inside the mountain and out!

Guests looking up on cave tour

Cave of the Winds runs all of their operations with NCR Counterpoint, including gift shops, attractions, café and warehouse. This helps them have the most efficient and effective reporting possible because all the data is located in one system, NCR Counterpoint. NCR Counterpoint is seamlessly integrated with Outbound Software to allow the Cave to do onsite and online reservations for their attractions.

“The best thing is that NCR Counterpoint is a software that works with Outbound, our online ticketing software and it allows for time and group ticketing. We can easily manage inventory and setup discounts, all in a user friendly interface.” Terry Carter, Office Manager

RCS is thrilled to have Cave of the Winds as part of the RCS family! It was a pleasure assisting them with reaching their goals and we can’t wait to see where they go next!

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