Introducing the CradlePoint!

When a customer is standing at the point of sale prepared to make a purchase, the last thing a retailer wants to say (and the last thing the customer wants to hear) is “Sorry, the system is down; we can’t take credit cards right now.” Not being able to accept a credit card, just as a customer is all set to buy, is every retailer’s worst nightmare.

Cradle Point MBR 1200RCS is proud to introduce a new service that will solve many of our retailers internet connectivity issues. Cradlepoint is a service that runs on 3G/4G networks providing a secure and reliable fail-over for any internet connectivity issues, and through weeks of testing, we can confidently say that this solution is perfect for our customers. Cradlepoint is easy to install, and there are options for any stores located in an enclosed building with little access to 3G/4G reception. Retailers including Pandora jewelry, Jackson Hewitt, RadioShack, along with many other businesses use Cradlepoint as either their main internet connection or as a fail-over system. You can also use Cradlepoint anywhere, and use it as your main network connection for any off-site sales with CPMobile!

If you would like more information on what Cradlepoint can do for your business, email, or give us a call at 1-800-417-3030 x1 to talk to our sales team.