eCommerce in your store (literally)

Last week Dave Albert and I traveled to Denver, Colorado to participate in the Retailer Workshop that our Fort Collins Office put together. The 2 hour trip down to Logan Airport, combined with the 4+ hour flight to Denver, and travel in between started to take a toll on me once my body realized we’re another 5000 feet above sea level. We planned on being there all week so I had no other option than to acclimate myself to this new environment, knowing the thin air would certainly slow my bike commute.

This was a welcomed challenge to Dave and I, and to be honest, it’s worth it to educate our customers on ways to better their business, especially when they’re acclimating to a new retail environment like eCommerce. It’s a big undertaking putting your products and business online. It’s very similar to opening another brick and mortar location. You’ll need to manage inventory, and dedicate an employee to manage orders and fulfillment while making sure your online payments are securely processed. Those steps can keep a business from successfully launching their business online if they don’t have the right tools for the job.

Luckily Counterpoint and NRO are integrated to take a lot of the work off your hands and help you automate many of the processes that take up precious time.

“What if I want my customers to be able to look up items I have in my store, while they’re IN my store?”

At the workshop, an attendee brought up a really fantastic idea. “What if I want my customers to be able to look up items I have in my store, while they’re IN my store?”. With the features offered by NRO I realized that the solution was right in front of us. You can use an eCommerce store not only online, but also in your store. For people shopping in your store, you can setup a computer  displaying your eCommerce store, allowing customers not only to check if you’ve got a certain item in stock, but also order it through your eCommerce store and pick it up in store.

NRO makes it so easy to manage your eCommerce store just like your brick and mortar store (and quite possibly easier than managing your brick and mortar store). If you have been thinking of making the jump, just give us a call, and we’ll see if NRO is a good fit for your business.