Knocking It Out of the Park: How To Optimize Your Sporting Goods Store

If you ask us, this is a great time to be running a sporting goods store. Gym closures and safety concerns over the past few years have led workout enthusiasts to buy their own exercise equipment to train at home. Many people picked up exercise as a new pandemic hobby. These circumstances don’t mean that the sporting goods retail industry doesn’t have its challenges. It’s always been a competitive market. On top of that, supply chain issues, labor shortages, and inflation are additional curveballs that have been hurled your way. To capitalize on the trends and thrive despite the challenges, we’ve gathered some best practices to optimize your business.

Educate your staff

Woman tying her shoe at her home gymShopping for sports gear or workout equipment is a different experience than shopping for clothes or at a big box store. Your customers often come in with lots of questions and need guidance. They aren’t sure which running shoes will provide the most arch support or which cleats to get their kid for soccer. Your staff needs to have a solid understanding of your merchandise to provide shoppers with thoughtful, informative answers and make relevant product recommendations. One way to help your staff succeed is by using a system like NCR Counterpoint, with detailed product information that is readily available for store employees to access.

Utilize digital media

A superb website and a solid social media presence are crucial for most businesses. For a sporting goods retailer like yourself, these are ways to attract new customers and engage with past clients. In today’s world where so many people rely on Amazon and chain stores, digital media reminds people that your store is an option. Be sure to keep your inventory updated on your website. Use social media as a way to promote shopping events, discounts, and new arrivals. Another nuance of a sporting goods store is that people will come to your store looking for specific brands. Tap into that market by showcasing the different brands you carry at your store. You can also use your website and social channels to show testimonials and give in-depth reviews and overviews of products.

Prioritize creating a great in-store experience

You need a compelling reason to convince people to leave the comfort of their homes and shop at your store instead of from the convenience of their phone, computer, or tablet.

To do this, you need to create a great shopping experience:
A) Have an organized store that’s easy to navigate.
B) Create attractive and coordinated displays.
C) Exceptional service from highly trained staff.
D) Point of Sale that can track multiple SKUs effortlessly across multiple locations.

NCR Counterpoint works wonders for retail businesses because its technology makes it easy to track your inventory so your best-sellers are always in stock. With today’s supply chain issues, it’s more important than ever to have a handle on your inventory, and NCR Counterpoint can help you do that. Additionally, this technology provides customers with a fast and reliable checkout, which is another key component for keeping your clientele happy and wanting to come back.

Consider second-hand sales

Young woman buying some sports goods standing with salesman at the counter of the shopAre you looking for a way to avoid today’s troubles with inventory and supply chains? Try selling second-hand goods. You’ll find that many shoppers are more than willing to opt for gently used equipment and gear instead of buying something new. This is especially true for pricier items like bikes, skis and ski boots, exercise equipment, and more. Plus, people are always looking for ways to declutter and make some extra money. Not only is this a smart way to hack the supply chain and promote sustainability, but it can also help reengage past clients. When your customers come in to sell their old stuff, they might be inspired to use their profits in-store. Your team members can help point them in the direction of newer versions of their old gear. All around it’s a win-win for everyone.

Our team at RCS has had the opportunity to work with many sporting goods retailers so we know that these are some of the best practices you can apply to your business to maximize growth. Running your store with a POS that helps you work smarter instead of harder is key to your business’s success. It helps you and your team run the shop more smoothly and gives your customers a better experience. If you want to learn more about how NCR Counterpoint could work for you, feel free to contact us. We’re more than happy to answer your questions and give you a product demo.