How One Business Owner Saved More Than $20,000 Using Evernote To Run His Business

As a former business owner, one of the most important facets of my day was to GET ORGANIZED. From the start of my day, delegating the rest of my day was key to getting everything accomplished. The same rings true with many business owners. Whether you use one of Google’s many business apps like their calendar, or Google Drive, you’ve got a lot of software to choose from. I recently read a great post on how a business owner saved his company over $20,000 using a software called Evernote.

Evernote has been adding more and more functionality to their software over the past year, and it’s proven to help their users get more done, and organize their days and lives better. I personally use Evernote to organize my tasks, and questions. It’s like a super to-do list for me. I log web-development issues in there, along with a screenshot which i attach to each note. I use it to plan out service calls here at RCS, and maintain a history of what I’ve worked on, including screenshots of issues. But Evernote is more than an issue tracker, and to-do list. I suggest you check out their site along with their mobile apps and find out for yourself how it can improve your daily routine.

For your reading pleasure, I’ve got a link for you to see how one business owner used Evernote to help his business.

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