RCS Aero: Empowering Retailers with Secure and Reliable Cloud Hosting

Retail Control Systems (RCS) Aero is a comprehensive cloud hosting platform designed to manage and host NCR Counterpoint, a popular retail management software. With two hosting options, Aero Standard and Aero Enterprise, RCS Aero offers retailers scalable and secure solutions tailored to their unique business requirements. Let’s explore the key features, benefits, and behind-the-scenes mechanisms of RCS Aero, showcasing its ability to deliver enhanced performance, data security, and operational efficiency.

Aero Standard vs. Aero Enterprise: Choosing the Right Fit

Women checking inventory in large warehouse.RCS Aero provides two distinct hosting options to accommodate varying retailer needs. Aero Standard offers multi-tenant hosting, where shared resources are utilized across multiple customers, ensuring cost-effectiveness. It is ideal for retailers who primarily require Counterpoint data access without the need for third-party integrations or direct data access. On the other hand, Aero Enterprise offers dedicated single-tenant hosting, guaranteeing a custom-built environment with no shared resources. This option caters to larger retailers with more complex business needs, enabling seamless third-party integrations, reporting tools, and direct data access.

Aero Security Model: Safeguarding Your Data

Data security is a top priority for RCS Aero. The platform adheres to Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards, providing a secure environment for sensitive customer information. Two-factor authentication ensures an extra layer of protection for user access. Implementing the least privileged security principle, Aero restricts permissions to the minimum required for performing specific tasks, ensuring data integrity. Additionally, VPN access encrypts all traffic and ensures that RCS Aero systems remain invisible to the public, mitigating potential security risks.

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Aero Behind the Scenes: Data Backup, Updates, and Monitoring

Man in a suit pointing to tech graphic about updating your cloud storage.RCS Aero excels in providing comprehensive data backup, updates, and 24/7 monitoring. Nightly backups and snapshots are performed for SQL servers, Counterpoint servers, domain controllers, and terminal servers, allowing for data restoration and recovery for up to 30 days. Regular updates, including anti-virus definition, updates every four hours, and weekly SQL server maintenance, ensure optimal system performance and security. Continuous monitoring of critical components, such as Counterpoint services, SQL server services, file integrity, network status, and backups, ensures prompt detection and proactive resolution of any issues.

Benefits of RCS Aero: Advantages over Self-Hosting

RCS Aero offers several advantages over traditional self-hosting approaches. By leveraging Aero’s cloud hosting platform, retailers can enjoy enhanced data security, reliable infrastructure, and streamlined operations. The built-in disaster recovery mechanisms, frequent backups, and geographically redundant storage protect retailers’ valuable data from potential loss or system failures. Regular updates, vulnerability scans, and penetration testing keep the system robust and resilient. The 24/7 monitoring capabilities enable proactive issue identification, minimizing downtime, and optimizing performance. With RCS Aero, retailers can focus on their core business, knowing that experts handle their hosting needs.

RCS Aero is a trusted and robust cloud hosting platform for retailers utilizing NCR Counterpoint. RCS caters to retailers of all sizes and complexities by offering Aero Standard and Aero Enterprise options. The Aero platform ensures data security, scalability, reliable performance, comprehensive backups, regular updates, and continuous monitoring. With RCS Aero, retailers can confidently embrace cloud hosting, streamlining their operations and unleashing the full potential of their retail management system.