Why Your Sporting Goods Store Needs a Comprehensive Point-of-Sale System

Retail Control Systems offers NCR Counterpoint, a comprehensive and robust point-of-sale system that allows sporting goods retailers to run their businesses more easily and efficiently. Here are just 5 reasons you should consider making the switch to a comprehensive point-of-sale system, like NCR Counterpoint:

Reason Number 1

NCR’s purchasing and inventory control capabilities allow your store to seamlessly manage a huge range of inventory—from roller skates and hockey sticks to basketballs and golf clubs—so you have all the information you need to maximize your sales and stock.

The 2nd Reason

Serial number tracking provides an all-inclusive record of each product so that you and your staff can easily check which items are in-stock, which items are on backorder, and when an item’s warranty will expire. This detailed product information enables store personnel to make informed recommendations to customers—meaning your customers will have a quicker and more-improved shopping experience.

Here comes #3

NCR Counterpoint also easily allows merchants to monitor customer buying preferences so that they can create tailored customer loyalty programs and e-mail promotions to strengthen customer relationships and boost sales.


With NCR Counterpoint, integrating your store’s brick-and-mortar activities with your online sales is a breeze. Customers or in-store personnel can quickly and easily place an order online, while your store’s inventory is instantly adjusted to reflect the sale. In short, you will know exactly what your inventory looks like at any point in time—both in-store and online.

…and Number 5

NCR Counterpoint enables managers to monitor the productivity of store employees and departments by items- and dollars-sold, which means calculating sales commissions is no longer a tedious task for management.
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So, if you aren’t happy with your current point-of-sale system, or you’d just like to learn more about how NCR Counterpoint can offer your sporting goods store a better way to manage inventory, sales, AND customer relationships, give RCS a shout! We’re here to help your business run smoother than ever! We’re happy to schedule a personalized demo so that you can learn more about how NCR Counterpoint can not only make life easier for you, your employees, and your customers, but can also improve your bottom line. Give us a call at 1-800-417-3030 or CONTACT US to get started!