Tech Tip: System Restarts

NCR Counterpoint Technical Tip – System Restarts

Computer with stethoscope on it
Here at RCS, we are seeing a lot of registers and servers not being restarted on a regular basis.

When you have regularly scheduled system restarts or reboots it helps to keep the registers and servers updated with the latest operating system service packs. This will also clear out some of the temporarily downloaded files that can lock up and slow down your system.

System restarts enables the machines to work more efficiently and contributes to the overall health of your system. (Who knew your system could be unhealthy?)

This is a task that can be scheduled to run before or after hours, with little or no impact to your business, but the benefits can make a huge difference to the overall system functionality.

If you would like assistance in scheduling restarts to run automatically, please contact the Support Department:; 800-417-3030 x2.