Top 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Store This Holiday Season

The most wonderful time of the year is here, not just because of the chilly weather and cozy sweaters. It’s also the season of retail magic! With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to take your retail store displays from “Ho-hum” to “Ho, ho, ho!”

The team at RCS came up with our best recommendations for creating unique and awe-inspiring holiday display ideas for inside and outside your store this year.

1. Fa-La-La-La Facade: Make a Dazzling First Impression

Your store’s exterior is your front-row ticket to wowing your customers. Imagine this: a charming mini Christmas tree near the entrance, adorned with gift cards and tempting impulse-buy baubles. It’s a merry sight that could set the mood from the get-go.

For our young-at-heart shoppers, set up a mailbox for letters to Santa, complete with paper and crayons for on-the-spot wishes. Who can resist such holiday magic?

2. Window Wonderland: Paint Stories with Creative Displays

Now, don’t forget the windows! They’re your canvas for captivating storytelling. These days, folks turn their windows into art pieces with spray-on snow. While you might not be the next Picasso, spraying snow and adding window chalk designs can be a ton of fun. Snowflakes are like frosting on a holiday cake: simple but oh-so-delightful. Read more about the talented dad who turns spray-on snow into detailed window art or learn how to create some window art of your own!

3. Work with Whimsy: DIY Decor from What You’ve Got

If you’re not the splurge-on-decorations type, fret not. Get creative with what you’ve got! Got a store filled with beverages? Build a charming display with soda can boxes or wine bottles. Hardware store? Try your hand at crafting a Christmas tree out of wood. If you aren’t that handy but you like the look of the wood tree below, you can purchase it on Etsy and save some time.

4. Nature’s Embrace: Bring the Great Outdoors In

Nothing sparks delight like a touch of the outdoors indoors. Craft a captivating display with autumn leaves or design a clothing rack adorned with rustic branches. Plus, you’ll infuse your store with the cozy scent of fall, all while keeping shoppers warm and toasty.

5. Themed Treats: Showcase Holiday Flavors

Funny plastic toy dinosaur wearing Santa Claus hat with present boxes on a pink background.To make your store a retail star, host themed displays. Organize festive showcases based on classic holiday colors – it’s a thrill to discover just how many red or green treasures you have.

Let your products tell a story with props, whether it’s a table piled high with Thanksgiving goodies or simply adding Santa hats to your store’s stars. Just remember, don’t let clutter steal the show – focus on the story you’re telling. Keep your decorations fresh and inviting, ditching the tired old decor.

Most importantly, have a blast and create a space that customers will gush about to their friends. Don’t forget to make a special nook for the little ones to craft their holiday memories.

So, unleash your inner holiday decorator, sprinkle your retail space with some enchantment, and get ready for a season of smiles, cheer, and some extra jingle in your cash register!