Top 6 Reasons to Automate Your Point of Sale System

There is little room for mistakes in the highly competitive world of retail, and with all of the tiny tasks that need to happen daily, weekly, and monthly, sometimes company owners need a little assistance. Here is where automation comes into play in the form of your point-of-sale (POS) system. An automated POS system lets you meet customer needs, increase efficiency, improve inventory, and gather essential data. The following are six advantages of using automation tools in retail technology, all of which you can complete with NCR Counterpoint.

Person using an NCR Counterpoint touchscreen at checkoutQuickly Generate Information

Suppose a potential buyer has some inquiries regarding the products you sell. Your team members can access this information immediately by searching via your point of sale system (POS). You may use automated tools to assist you in seeing what it is that you already have in your inventory that is relevant to your inquiry. Customers are provided with the accurate and timely information they need, and retailers earn a reputation for excellent customer service.

Improve Efficiency of Procedures

Establish a connection with your vendors to place stock orders automatically. When you use Point of Sale Automation, you can link purchase orders directly to an order, ensuring that you are billing for all of the outside purchases you make. This will help your operations run more smoothly with just one store or multiple locations. With NCR Counterpoint, you can effortlessly search all your sites for a real-time inventory view.

The retail automation market is expected to more than double in the next 7 years to 33 billion dollars. –

Excellent Customer Support & Upselling Options

You can automate your loyalty program and marketing emails/promotions. The employees can search for information on returning clients by simply inputting or scanning their rewards card information. It offers them a view into the purchases made by customers, which helps them make upsells. For example, if the customer recently made a big purchase from you, your cashier or customer service representative could ask how they enjoyed the purchase or provide information about accessories on sale. This simple step improves the customer experience and increases the possibility of turning your customer into a loyal one.

Helps To Stay On Top Of Things

If an employee needs to remember to clock out at the end of their shift, you may program your timekeeping software to do it for them automatically if you have it automated. You can also have an alert issued to management if the labor percentages reach an unacceptable level.

Automated alerts are another feature available in Counterpoint for when stock is running low.

Two guys checking inventory in a back room.Real-Time Inventory Checks Help You Move Product

You can conduct a quick inventory check and focus on moving what you already have rather than trying to sell what you don’t have. Moreover, you can conduct inventory management from anywhere, not just your in-store POS terminals, and quickly know what you have in stock at any location.

Man using a tablet to run a report in NCR Counterpoint with a blurry retail store in the background.Aids In Data-Gathering

Send any report, in any format, through email to anybody on any predetermined timetable. In addition, files should be exported to a third-party system, such as an accounting or ERP system, for a customized user interface. You can easily set up automated reporting and receive reports in your email daily.

You may even configure your point-of-sale system to notify your IT staff if one of your computers loses connectivity or notify management whenever there is excessive money in a cash drawer. Automation offers many additional advantages. Whatever you decide to automate, Counterpoint can assist you in finding the POS software that is most suited for your retail establishment.

You can back up your data automatically with NCR Counterpoint and RCS Aero Data Center.

Do Business Better With NCR Counterpoint and RCS

Automated point-of-sale systems increase your efficiency, improve your customer service, and capture crucial data you can use for sales forecasts and smooth sailing into the future. If you want to learn more about NCR Counterpoint, contact us today!