Why You Need to Start Thinking About Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication, what is it? Many organizations protect local and remote logins with a simple username and password. Entering these two pieces of information will grant access to company databases, email accounts, and other sensitive information. But passwords are notoriously insecure. Many users choose weak passwords which can be easily guessed or cracked. Phishing attacks trick people daily into revealing their passwords, and users on unsecured networks (e.g., at coffee shops) can have their passwords sniffed. Malicious viruses and spyware can capture passwords and send them over the network to attackers.

Two Factor is the practice of combining something you know (like your password) with something you have (like a hardware token) to secure access to a system. Even if your password is compromised, only half of the puzzle is needed to access a system.

Protecting your Remote Users

For many corporate networks, the Remote Access and VPNs required for employees to work off-site represent a significant exposure and vulnerability of the network. Network security needs to protect any method of Remote Access or VPNs with additional security without impacting authorized users.

Yubikey connected to computer
RCS recommends deploying a solution by Yubico that offers keys that plugs into a USB port. By deploying a YubiKey, Remote Access, and VPNs are protected with two-factor authentication with the security and ease of use of the YubiKey.

The innovative USB/NFC keys offer strong two-factor authentication – with a simple touch of a button. YubiKeys are built strong enough for the largest enterprises while remaining simple for consumers.

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