Moon Golf Drives for Efficiency with RCS & NCR Counterpoint


The sport of golf has seen a tremendous influx of growth lately, due to its ability to broaden beyond its traditional appeal. Moon Golf, a specialized chain of golf retailers, was looking to move to a new, all-in-one POS solution to help scale their business to new heights and capitalize on the game’s popularity. As one of Golf Digest’s 100 Best Club Fitters in the country in a growing industry, they needed a solution to unite their technology stack under one roof.

Through the successful implementation of NCR Counterpoint, Moon Golf has been able to access new technology, streamline business processes, and lay the foundation for scaling its business.

Moon Golf embraced NCR Counterpoint to help manage their inventory, and they adopted many additional RCS Custom integrations:

  • RCS MIMS: Manage inventory in real-time using mobile devices
  • Counterpoint Smart Alerts: Real-time customizable text or email alerts
  • RCS Aero: Hyper scalable cloud-based data center and management
  • NCR Purchase Advice: Stock product advice based on quantities
  • Mocha Payments: Transparent payment solutions
  • Preferred Care Support: 24/7/365 Domestic-based support
  • Built-in Loyalty Program: Encourage repeat business

If you’re in the Sporting Goods sales game, then NCR Counterpoint powered by RCS can ensure your store runs like clockwork. RCS will customize a suite of retail management solutions to your store or brand so it works for today’s round and tomorrow’s.

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The Challenge

How to Manage a Vast Array of Inventory

With the recent expansion of the company to a fourth location in Auburn, Alabama, and a new warehouse, Moon Golf realized that they needed better transparency on their inventory. All this meant that Moon Golf would need more retail technology at its disposal to handle these impacts on its current and future inventory needs.

Customer Service

When deciding on who would be the best POS provider for Moon Golf, a few contenders emerged. Integration was a very high priority for the golf retailer, so the successful candidate would have to demonstrate their POS solutions could not only seamlessly transition into Moon Golf’s existing setup, and their new eCommerce website, but also show it could grow with the retailer.

What seemed to seal the deal though for Moon Golf was the high level of customer service and support the golf retailer received from RCS. The initial interactions with Darlene McQueen were crucial, as her patience and dedication got things going in the right direction immediately. From there, Moon Golf worked with Karen Rechtin and they were able to see how Counterpoint would integrate and improve their business. Both team members could clearly address any questions or queries Moon Golf had. Ultimately, what could have been a long and tedious process ended up being a smooth and pleasant experience.

Two Moon Golf employees

''The whole team from Darlene, Karen, Paul, and Richard were fantastic throughout the entire process.''

Mike Poppell, Moon Golf

Project Management

From the get-go, leadership at Moon Golf was very hands-on and they set out to learn everything they possibly could about Counterpoint from the experts at RCS. In the beginning, there were several meetings and many hours spent planning their item configuration, grids, and kits. After the planning, they tested and retested the setup before making a final decision on how the inventory would be set up.

This in-depth training, planning, and the RCS project process paid off with a smooth-running system that could handle everything they threw at it. They also installed the hardware for their fourth location independently and their grand opening went off without a hitch.

Inventory & Data Management

To achieve the transparency needed with their inventory Moon Golf implemented the Mobile Inventory Management System (MIMS) offered by RCS that allowed their business to manage inventory in real-time using mobile devices. The system provides a user-friendly interface for tracking stock levels, receiving and processing shipments, generating reports, and more. With MIMS, Moon Golf was able to optimize its inventory levels, reduce out-of-stock situations, and improve overall efficiency.

Moon Golf knew they needed a way to store and manage all their inventory data and they didn’t want to worry about software updates or losing any of their customer data. Based on these parameters and the fact that they needed something scalable, Moon Golf made the decision to host their data on RCS Aero. RCS Aero is a cloud-based data center managed by a team at RCS that has a combined total of over 65 years of experience. With RCS Aero the benefits were clear, 24×7 monitoring, disaster recovery, POS best practices, ongoing performance tweaks, SQL enterprise licensing, 2FA security, enterprise-grade firewalls, security, and much more.

Moon Golf Store

''We searched for many months trying to find a POS solution that could help us operate more efficiently. Counterpoint has given us the tools to do that plus much more. We are confident no matter what the future has in store that this system will be able to handle it.''

Mike Poppell, Moon Golf

Trust the Experts at RCS

If you need to manage your sporting goods store with a robust inventory management system utilizing touchscreen order entries, built-in customer loyalty programs, automated restocking notifications, and impressive reporting capabilities then we want to talk. NCR Counterpoint provides comprehensive sales and inventory management solutions that all staff can use with ease.

NCR Counterpoint provides up-to-the-minute data so you can make decisions with the most knowledge on hand. Now, you can study your sales from anywhere on the course! Learn more about how RCS caters to the Sporting Goods industry or contact us for a demo!

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