Efficiency & Accuracy: Integrating Mobile Inventory Management Systems


As a longtime partner, RCS helps Ski Barn, a New Jersey-based outdoor retailer, upgrade its inventory management system to improve operational capacities and elevate customer service.

Ski Barn began in 1971 as a stand-alone retail store in Paramus, New Jersey, that sold ski apparel and equipment. Today the 53-year-old family business has evolved into a major outdoor retailer with four stores, two warehouses, and an e-commerce platform. Along with expanding its physical and digital footprint, the company has grown its product range to include outdoor furniture, firepits, and grills.

In light of these developments, company leaders knew they needed to upgrade their internal and external systems to meet the changing demands of modern commerce. RCS helped Ski Barn identify and implement the best solution for its inventory management challenges.

The Pain Points

With all of its expansion in recent decades, Ski Barn was still using outdated inventory management processes. “For a company as big as we are, we were counting inventory by hand,” said Mike Dalton, general manager and buyer. “We just had to get away from it for a number of reasons.”

Challenges Included:

  • Inventory inaccuracies resulting from human error, i.e., data-entry mistakes
  • Wasted time and operational inefficiencies due to manual inventory counts
  • Lack of real-time data to inform buying decisions and provide timely
    updates to customers
  • Risk of stockouts and/or excess inventory due to unreliable inventory tracking
  • Difficulty keeping up with growing product volumes and managing
    fluctuating market demands

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Working Together to Find a Solution

Ski Barn has been an RCS partner for many years. As part of this ongoing relationship, company leaders meet every six months for a business review.
“We go over what our needs are and what we need help with,” Dalton said.

In a 2022 check-in, they determined that an inventory management upgrade was in order. After considering a number of potential solutions, Ski Barn decided to adopt RCS’s Mobile Inventory Management System (MIMS) because of the ease of integration with its existing Counterpoint system and RCS’s superior customer service. “From account management to troubleshooting, RCS is a great team; we love working with them,” Dalton said.

Why MIMS Made Sense

A mobile handheld solution was vital given Ski Barn’s expansive footprint, with far-flung facilities. The company’s four locations are large spaces with multiple levels and inventory-storage areas. MIMS enables the Ski Barn team to access data while moving freely throughout its buildings—conducting inventory checks, receiving and transferring product, and doing physical counts.

Mike Dalton, buyer for Ski Barn

“You never want to disappoint a customer, either in the store or online. Having a handheld device that allows you to verify availability is a huge advantage.”

Mike Dalton, Buyer

Ease of Integration with Existing Systems

RCS simplified the process of integrating Ski Barn’s new inventory platform and hardware with Counterpoint and their existing system. From installation to training, the RCS team worked collaboratively with Ski Barn to ensure a smooth transition to MIMS with minimal disruption to operations.

“The system is very easy to use,” Dalton said. After integration, an RCS lead technician and senior consultant provided comprehensive support and ongoing training sessions to help Ski Barn associates get up to speed on the new technology.

Ski boots on racks.

Looking to the Future

Ski Barn is reinvesting in its business to ensure continued growth. “Having MIMS to keep our inventory accurate is important so we can fulfill orders and never say ‘no’ to the customer,” Dalton said. “We’re doing this hand in hand with other upgrades to take us to the next level.”

Along with its new inventory management system, Ski Barn is revamping its website and investing in Wi-Fi access points for secure wireless communications between locations.

Ski Barn continues to explore ways to save time and improve efficiencies by leveraging MIMS’s capabilities. Empowered with accurate inventory turn data, Ski Barn can optimize demand forecasting, identify buying patterns, and manage future demand.

A Whole New World of Inventory Management Capabilities

MIMS has been a game changer for Ski Barn inventory associates.

  • Online and offline inventory management
    As Ski Barn continues to grow its click-and-mortar business, it must be able to manage inventory across its online and offline sales channels. MIMS enables accurate inventory counts, which helps prevent stockouts, overstocking, and discrepancies between online and in-store availability.
  • Item lookup and label printing
    Ski Barn team members can quickly look up items and print labels and shelf tags on the go, boosting productivity and efficiency.
  • Full physical inventory or cycle counts
    With the simple scan of a barcode, inventory managers are able to track stock levels in real-time and identify inconsistencies.
  • Transfer management
    Ski Barn associates instantly create transfer orders, scan barcodes, and enter quantities for products coming and going, ensuring accurate inventory tracking.
  • Receiving process
    The new system, which enables purchase orders to be received by scanning barcodes and entering quantities, has streamlined the receiving process and reduced errors.
Two guys standing in front of the ski tuning shop at Ski Barn.

“Having MIMS to keep our inventory accurate is important so we can fulfill orders and never say ‘no’ to the customer. We’re doing this hand in hand with other upgrades to take us to the next level.”

Mike Dalton, General Manager/Buyer

Mobility + Flexibility = Accuracy

From internal efficiencies to customer satisfaction, MIMS’s impact on inventory accuracy has far-reaching impacts on business operations.

Supply chain management: Informed Ski Barn buyers use real-time insights to make sure they have enough stock to meet customer demand without overstocking.
Operational efficiency and productivity: The ability to conduct inventory-related tasks on the floor saves time, enabling Ski Barn associates to focus on fulfilling orders and serving customers.

Sales and customer satisfaction: Buyers can keep products in stock and readily available, avoiding frustrating backorders and delays. Meanwhile, Ski Barn’s service team is empowered with real-time information to share with customers. “You never want to disappoint a customer, either in the store or online,” Dalton said. Having a handheld device that allows you to verify availability is a big improvement.”

Inventory planning, forecasting, and analysis: Ski Barn buyers have access to up-to-date information about inventory levels, allowing them to see how products are moving, identify sales trends, and view turnover rates. This allows them to plan ahead and make informed purchasing decisions.

Consider MIMS for your Growing Business

In companies like Ski Barn, where online and offline inventory management plays a critical role in operations, outdated systems can hinder future growth. Inventory inaccuracies lead to costly mistakes, operational inefficiencies, and customer service snafus.

If you know it’s time to upgrade but need help deciding which system makes the most sense for your evolving business, we’d love to talk. Together, we can find the solution that will help you get control of your inventory and write the next chapter of your company’s story.

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