Specialty Retail

NCR Counterpoints for Specialty Retailers

NCR Counterpoint is the ideal shop management system that lets you easily sell specialty products and ensures your business complies with all necessary regulations without the need for additional software. Use our point of sale system to track your specialty products all in one system with no need to worry about entering extensive product details each time a shipment comes in. Our system can help connect you to the traceability API so you know what is incoming and have it automatically added to your inventory. With Counterpoint, you can enjoy instant visibility of inventory, while being able to effortlessly view availability, item descriptions, pricing and item quantities across the store.

Features of NCR Counterpoint for Specialty Retail

Inventory Control

Our system gives you the ability to sell inventory items by weight. Effortlessly purchase and receive items in bulk and quickly weigh items for sale to customers, accurately distributing your inventory and preventing any shrink. You can also utilize the inventory reconciliation feature to quickly detect missing inventory so you can keep an eye on your all-important bottom line.

Sale Insights

Make use of our reliable and comprehensive reporting tools to keep track of your clientele, sales, and inventory all in real time. You can gain insights and manage your specialty store with just a couple of quick clicks – in the store or on the go. If you own multiple stores or point of sale terminals, our easy POS is up to the challenge. We can assign a location and terminal to each sale making it easy for your understand exactly where and when your sales are happening.

Accurate Accounting

There are a lot of different functions in a specialty retail business. We’ve got the bases covered. If you’re just starting your store, using various types of software can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we have the best business practices in place to help you thrive. Not only can our POS system handle most of the inventory and accounting management, it can also interface with several external programs including Business Works and QuickBooks. So you can rest assured your accounts are up to date.

What Our Customers Say


“Smokers Haven is growing quickly, so we needed a POS solution that could scale to serve our current and future sales volumes. It took us several years to find a system that was the right fit and a provider that actually understood our business. We chose RCS because they had the experience to make the transition easy and support our stores long-term, and the NCR Counterpoint product does everything we need and more from an inventory management, operations, and reporting standpoint.”

Brett Scott Smokers Haven, Manchester, NH

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