Retail Control Systems offers a complete retail management system that gives you the power to control every aspect of your operations. The NCR Counterpoint base system functionality includes fast and intuitive ticket entry, comprehensive inventory and customer management, integrated purchasing and receiving, flexible reporting, detailed tracking of sales history, and more! NCR Counterpoint software also features robust credit card processing, eCommerce, and interfaces to many popular accounting systems. There are also a number of enhancement options, which provide additional functionality to meet your ever-changing business needs. NCR Counterpoint will help your business run more efficiently and profitably.

Perform Business Operations with Ease

With comprehensive retail point-of-sale features and a configurable interface, you can tailor our POS system to fit your business needs and unify your operations across all locations, minimizing errors and maximizing profits. Retrieve up the to the minute information and alerts that allow you to keep track of activities in your store at all times and take immediate action on situations that could affect your bottom line. Now you can be in all places at once.

Complete Order Management

Our comprehensive order management functionality is designed to streamline order processing for retailers who process a high volume of orders, including mail-order, telephone-order, and eCommerce merchants. A task-oriented workflow allows you to easily move multiple orders through each stage of the order management process, including pick, pick verify, invoice, and release. You can also process drop-ship orders for items you don’t typically stock or ship, NCR Counterpoint will automatically create a purchase request for the appropriate vendor, complete with the customer’s shipping address.

Centralized Inventory and Information

Sales made at your store reduce the number of goods offered online. You don’t need to maintain inventory in two locations, and you won’t disappoint your customers by offering out-of-stock items. NCR Counterpoint gives you instant inventory visibility, item descriptions, pricing, availability, and quantities across all of your stores.

Effective Operations

NCR Smart Alerts scans transaction history and instantly identifies anyone performing activities outside standard daily operating procedures such as excessive discounting, refunds or sales outside of normal business hours, and unusual returns or voided tickets. Be instantly alerted to potentially fraudulent situations, low inventory warnings, daily store operations, and changing sales figures to keep your store running smoothly.

Omnichannel Experience

Your business depends on your customers and you need to stay connected to sales activities that affect your customer service. Physical location is no longer a barrier between you, your customers, and your staff. Setup up loyalty programs and customize your marketing outreach to speak directly to your customer’s needs whether they are in the store or checking their email. You can also receive alerts about sales reps’ activity, including opening the store when the rep has logged into the system, a review of pending orders, and notifications of large sales or refunds to keep your sales on target and your customers happy.

Loyalty Programs

NCR Counterpoint includes support for customer loyalty programs, allowing frequent customers to use points as tender. Create multiple loyalty programs, each with different rules for how customers earn and redeem points. Customers can enroll in a single loyalty program, earn points for each dollar spent or item purchased, and then spend those points at the point of sale, just like any other payment type.

Informed Marketing Efforts

Connect with customers using integrated marketing tools that allow you to segment your customers based on purchase history, customer loyalty category, product preferences, and other data in the customer record then leverage this information to target your marketing campaigns to your customer needs and preferences.

Customized Campaigns

Welcome new customers, send birthday offers, and tell customers you miss them. Quickly and easily set up email marketing campaigns for one-time announcements or customize automated messages to stay connected with your customers throughout the year. You also don’t have to worry about inundating your audience with duplicate messages because the NCR Counterpoint database streamlines the customer information entered at the point of sale and integrates it with their email preferences.

Mobilize Your Sales Opportunities

Never miss a transaction with our flexible cloud-hosted software and mobile-friendly hardware options. Complete an entire ticket, from start to finish, on your iOS device. Scan items take payments and print or e-mail the receipt. Put sales on hold and recall them later. Take returns, place orders, and apply discounts. You now have the power of an entire point-of-sale terminal in the palm of your hand.

Sales On the Go

CPMobile is our mobile solution to bring Counterpoint wherever you are. Compatible with Apple’s iPod, iPhone, and iPad; CPMobile is a perfect solution for line-busting, looking up inventory while on the floor, and taking sales outside of your stores. CPMobile also comes with an Inventory Module that allows your team to do a physical inventory right on your mobile phone and links directly with Counterpoint’s Inventory system.

Ecommerce Integration

Seamless integration with your retail management system means less administration. Online quantities and prices are always up-to-date, and online orders show up automatically in your point-of-purchase database. There is no need to maintain product information in multiple places and your database is accurate across both online and brick-and-mortar sales channels.

Streamlined and Secure Data

With our managed cloud hosting solution, we maintain your Counterpoint software on our cloud network, allowing access to real-time information from anywhere you are. We also maintain backups, upgrades, network structure, and more! Your operations information is protected and so are credit card transactions with our PCI-compliant software and hardware that encrypts valuable customer information, making data security a top priority.