QuickBooks Point-of-Sale End-of-Life

Switching from QuickBooks point-of-sale?

Person using an NCR Counterpoint touchscreen at checkout

At RCS, we understand that transitioning to new software can be challenging. That’s why we are dedicated to making your transition as smooth and easy as possible. We have developed a comprehensive approach encompassing several vital elements to ensure our software’s successful and seamless adoption.

We prioritize your success and satisfaction throughout the transition process. We are confident in our ability to make your transition to our software smooth and easy.

Here is a sampling of the benefits and features that Counterpoint shares with QuickBooks point-of-sale.

RCS vs Quickbooks

Main Feature Comparison NCR Counterpoint Logo QuickBooks Point of Sale Logo
Customer Data Management
Streamline Inventory Tracking and Management
Accepts Payments (cards and contactless)
Customer Reports
Employee Access Control
Desktop Integration

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