RCS and Zebra Promotion

RCS, Zebra, and You

RCS has teamed up with Zebra Printers to bring our customers this special cost-saving promotion for printers, and for the first time ever, LABEL SUBSCRIPTIONS! This new partnership allows us to offer our clients great incentives, benefits, and services like a printer trade-in program. This program is only one added benefit from this partnership with Zebra. Something we are incredibly excited about is our new label subscription platform. You can sign up for regular orders of labels shipped to you with no more guesswork.

If you are looking for more information on the printer trade-in program, label subscriptions, support or printer information, read more in the tabs below. Contact RCS today by submitting our short form, and let’s make 2020 the year you fix your printer issues and make you look like the hero you are.

Contact RCS to learn more

  • 1. Contact RCS, your premier authorized Zebra channel partner

    Let Retail Control Systems guide you on the right solutions. We will take into consideration your users, applications and work environments, as well as your upfront and ongoing costs of ownership.

  • 2. Purchase a qualified product

    Regardless of which qualifying product you select, you can be sure it’s purpose-built to improve productivity, lower costs, and raise customer satisfaction.

  • 3. Submit your reclaim form

    Register for your rebate by completing a trade-in application within 90 days of the invoice date.

  • 4. Trade-in your legacy devices

    After the claim is successfully completed and approved, you will receive a Trade-in Merchandise Authorization (TMA) with instructions. Visit zebra.com/gozebra for details.


    As the next generation in Zebra’s desktop line, the ZD420 replaces Zebra’s popular GK420, taking deployment and management simplicity, ease-of-use, application flexibility and total cost of ownership (TCO) to a new level in this printer class.


    The ZD410 replaces Zebra’s LP2824 Plus, taking its place as the market’s leading two-inch direct thermal printer. The ZD410 is smaller and lighter to fit in even tighter spaces, with more memory for faster printing, higher resolution printing to meet the requirements of more applications, more connectivity options — including 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1, support for new types of media and much more.


    As Zebra’s most affordable line of industrial printers, the ZT200 Series incorporates extensive customer feedback as well as the legacy of industry leading Stripe and S4M printers—creating innovative printers with a space-saving design. Featuring Zebra’s Link-OS® environment, the ZT200 Series provides users with effortless setup, intuitive operation and ease of service and maintenance.

    Why Should You Purchase Zebra OneCare TSS?

    1. The best technical support for Zebra products, from Zebra solution experts. As the foremost experts in their technology, only Zebra can give you the best possible support when you need it. That unburdens your own IT staff and enables you to focus on strategic initiatives.
    2. Priority access to support – and rapid problem resolution. Zebra OneCare TSS gives you priority access to support from Zebra’s highly trained and dedicated team of experts. Fluent in 17 languages, this team is committed to rapid issue resolution. With defined service levels and clear issue escalation processes, Zebra’s team is empowered to quickly resolve your issues to your satisfaction and close your case in a day or less.
    3. Robust data security via continuous updates. With Zebra OneCare TSS, you get access to the latest OS software updates, security patches and upgrades, and expert support for Zebra software. You also get LifeGuard for Zebra Android mobile computers – extending security support far beyond the.
    4. Maximum device uptime and peace of mind. By purchasing a Zebra OneCare TSS, you have the peace of mind of knowing your devices are protected with the most updated software. You gain the many benefits of knowing you have access to the latest software so you can keep outdated software updates from causing costly device downtime. Mobile technology operating continuity means business continuity – and that’s in your best interest.
    5. Enhanced visibility into your technical and support-related reports. With cloud-based access to your technical and support-related reports via VisibilityIQ OneCare, you get even more value out of your Zebra OneCare TSS agreement. You get visibility into your contracts, technical support ticket status and LifeGuard for Android analytics reporting – insight into the enterprise-wise value that Zebra solutions can bring to your operations, handheld devices, printers, software, services and more.

    IQ Color Thermal Labels

    • Print color on demand
    • Color zones are coated onto each label
    • hermal printer heat activates the ink
    • Create: color text, shapes, and graphics
    • Selectively activate each color
    • Eliminate the need to change rolls for different colors