Our durable hardware built by NCR was made to withstand any environment from a busy garden center to a frost bar at 21 degrees Fahrenheit. With integrated touch displays, customer-facing displays, and ports to handle most of your legacy hardware, our units are a great fit for any retailer looking to upgrade their POS system. From hardware including cash drawers, bar-code scanners, license scanners,  and biometrics scanners to receipt printers, encrypted credit card swipes, and more, we have the hardware made to fit your business needs. And, since every business is unique, our team is happy to work with you to determine the POS features your store needs and filter out the ones you don’t.

POS Hardware to Fit Your Business Needs

Knowing which hardware you should invest in can be overwhelming. We take the guesswork out of it by knowing your business and suggesting only the hardware you’ll need. From point of sale to networking, we have the solutions that are just right for your business.

Accelerate Your Speed of Service

Our integrated POS solution makes processing sales easy and efficient. With NCR Counterpoint you will never miss a transaction with our tailored cloud-hosted software and mobile-friendly hardware options. Employees will be able to ring tickets and enter orders more swiftly and accurately, while graphical displays, multiple payment options, and lightning-fast credit card authorizations speed up customer checkout.

Protect Your Operational Performance

NCR Counterpoint’s retail hardware solutions are built to withstand continuous usage, as well as spills, dirt, grease, and other substances. Your investment is also protected by one of the top warranties in the business. If any component of your retail solution malfunctions, an entirely new unit will be shipped to you as quickly as four hours later. Our aim is to get you your equipment as fast as possible to minimize system downtime and eliminate the possibility of a repeat failure.

Mobilize Your Point of Sale

Our mobile sales tools, including POS terminals and sleds for iPhones and iPod, touches, enable you to deliver superior service and sales in stores, kiosks, and outdoor environments. Serve customers where they are – answering questions, busting lines, and capturing additional business. The CPMobile sled incorporates a PCI compliant, encrypted credit card swipe, and integrates with a Bluetooth printer so you can print receipts on the go.

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