Store and Forward from NCR Counterpoint

Store and Forward from NCR Counterpoint

Store and Forward is a feature included with NCR Counterpoint V8.5.6.5 or higher, which allows your business to process credit card payments when connectivity issues prevent your system from connecting with your card processor or NCR SecurePay.

This feature works by storing the credit card information locally on the payment device and providing a stand-in authorization to authorize and complete the payment process. When the connection is restored the payment information is automatically sent to SecurePay, which continues the settlement process.*

There are no additional fees charged for store and forward transactions through Counterpoint or SecurePay. However, your specific credit card processor may charge a fee — be sure to check with them before enabling this feature.

Store and Forward is supported only for use with Secure Pay and on workstations that use an EMV payment terminal.

*When connectivity to Secure Pay is restored, the authorization may still fail, resulting in a lost payment. Please consider this risk when you enable Store and Forward.


More Information

You can find more information from NCR about Store and Forward online or by contacting your Account Manager using the form below.