Manage Your Store. Connect with Customers. Expand Your Sales.

Retail Control Systems offers a complete retail management solution from software to hardware for running your business, online or in-store, effectively and efficiently.

  • Perform Business Operations with Ease

    Maximize profits and keep your store running smoothly with instant inventory updates and business insights.

  • Stay Connected with Your Customers

    Personalize your loyalty programs and customer outreach to keep your sales on target and your customers happy.

  • Mobilize Your Sales Opportunities

    Never miss a transaction with our flexible cloud hosted software and mobile friendly hardware options.

A Custom Fit For Your Specific Business Needs

Garden Centers

As a garden retailer, now more than ever, you need to invest wisely in the tools that will help you grow your business. Tools that will decrease operating expenses, optimize your staff, and increase sales! NCR Counterpoint POS system has all the features you need to efficiently and effectively operate your business at its fullest potential.

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Apr 13, 2016

Millennials: Retail Sales Will Never Be the Same

Millennials: Retail Sales Will Never Be the Same Retailers: like it or not, the Millennial mindset is here to stay. And it’s going to continue to change the way you think of retail sales marketing. Millennials—or those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s—are a HUGE market, with roughly 80 million members. It […]

Apr 11, 2016

How big is your transactional tax footprint?

How big is your transactional tax footprint? 6 questions to assess if your sales activities are a compliance risk Repost from At some point, you’ve probably pinpointed your company’s position on a 2×2 matrix to determine its strengths or weaknesses or its position relative to competitors. But have you ever rated your business on […]

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