4 Things You Should Know About RCS Technical Support

RCS Support is constantly striving to meet our growing customer’s needs. The Technical Suppor team has grown a lot in the past couple of years as we strive for short call wait times, closing tickets quicker, and solving more complex issues.

1. How to Login to Remote Support

Remote support leverages remote access software and gives our technician instant access to your device from anywhere, at any time. This means they can provide remote assistance without having to be onsite. While in a remote session, the technician can take control of your point-of-sale device and hopefully solve your issue quickly. At RCS the support team prioritizes register or site-down and business-critical support calls. To enable remote support you will need a code from one of our technicians. You can learn more and access remote support through our support page.

2. RCS Customer Care Portal

Did you know that the RCS Customer Portal is the fastest way to solve your support problems?

Woman sitting at desk looking at RCS Portal login screen on her computerMany people think a phone call is the quickest way to solve a supporter issue and while we have an incredibly low average wait time (~45 seconds), the support tech still needs to create a ticket when you call in. However, if you submit a support ticket through the portal it immediately goes into the queue for the next available technician.
When submitting a ticket, remember, the more details the better:

  • Contact info and best times to contact you.
  • Describe the impact on operations. Include the number of locations, stations, or users.
  • Explain the problem, including any error messages.
  • Have you encountered this before? When did the incident start?
  • Can the problem be recreated, if so, what are the steps?
  • Can the problem be duplicated in the practice company?
  • Steps you have taken to remedy the problem.
  • Any known changes?

You can also track and view the progress and add details to your support ticket through the RCS Portal. Don’t have an account? No problem, sign up today and start saving time.

3. NCR Counterpoint Online Help Libary

Did you know NCR has a large library of how-to’s and setup guides to help you with all your Counterpoint questions? NCR’s Counterpoint help library contains everything from version release notes to Counterpoint customizations and everything in between. Check out NCR Counterpoint Help for a wealth of information.

4. NCR Counterpoint End User Portal

In addition to the help library, NCR offers a user portal for all Counterpoint customers.
The user portal contains:

  • Training, to continue your education with product experts
  • Solutions, learn more about additional tools and integrations NCR offers
  • Support, to help you stay informed on current updates
  • News and Events, your resource for software updates and answers to questions