Black Friday Promotional Ideas For Your Retail Business

There is no denying that Black Friday is the best time of year to increase sales for your business. Consumers are eager for deals and primed to spend, so how can you take advantage? Easy. We’ve put together some simple promotional ideas for your Black Friday event.

Take Advantage Of Your Customer Data

Your first plan of action should be to tap your existing customer database, giving them a sneak peek through the loyalty program you’ve set up with NCR Customer Connect. You can create groups and segments using the data you’ve collected through your POS system to send offers and pre-Black Friday opportunities tailored specifically to your customer’s buying preferences.

Engage Customers With Online And In-Store Events

30%-50% off store signUse the time leading up to Black Friday to engage your customers in fun, online events such as contests and polls where they can win coupons for Black Friday deals. Or you can create in-store scavenger hunts for additional discounts. There are plenty of fun ways to get your customers eager to spend, just make sure to apply the KISS principle and keep it simple. You want to engage, not complicate.

Social Media Contests And Sweepstakes

A great way to attract new and potential customers to your brand is to hold contests and/or sweepstakes on your social media channels in the weeks leading to Black Friday. Use your own Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as run paid ads to increase your visibility. This is a great tactic because not only are you gaining potential sales, but you’re also collecting new leads to add to your mailing list when they enter. Just be sure you’re clear about the terms for entry.

Gifts With Purchase

Who doesn’t enjoy a free gift? Black Friday is a great time to unload surplus inventory by offering a free gift or gifts at various purchase levels. For example, get one free gift with every purchase over $35, or two free gifts with every purchase over $100. Just the promise of free is often enough to get consumers through the door (or on your website). Make sure to send a promotional email to your loyal clientele.

Lead Your Customers Where You Want Them To Go

Whether in-store or online, you can physically direct your customers where you want them to go, and where you want them to pay attention. You can be as literal as placing footprint stickers on the ground to create a path with your product displays, or you can get creative with signage that draws the eye.

The power of suggestion is extraordinary when it comes to sales, and one of the best ways to do this is by grouping your merchandise together, or cross-merchandising. For example, in a cooking store, you might assemble a gourmet starter kit, or in a furniture store, you might create a room display (think IKEA).

A lot of people have specific purchases in mind for Black Friday but can be easily swayed if they see their item alongside others. After all, it only makes sense to purchase them together.

Optimize Pre-Checkout Purchases

This is an increasingly popular tactic, both in-store and online, that capitalizes on impulse buying. We’ve all seen the newly designed check-out areas which are lined with low-priced and discounted merchandise which we’re forced to consider while awaiting our turn in the queue. This trend is mirrored online by the “last chance to buy” windows that pop up as you head to check out. These are both excellent opportunities for Black Friday promotions, as well as all year round.