5 Checkout Innovations for Your Retail Store

What has been the one staple of any brick-and-mortar store that had been a constant for decades? The checkout area. Now, with checkout innovations, that’s all being modified. But what’s not changing is the customer’s high expectations of a quick, efficient checkout process.

Here are the top 5 ways the checkout process is evolving for better or worse:

Self-service Checkout:

You’ve most likely seen self-checkout stations popping up in grocery stores, pharmacies, and major retailers in your local area that is supposed to create shorter checkout times. But they’ve come with mixed reviews from both retailers and consumers. The scanning feature can be slow. This causes a traffic jam as the customer waits for an employee to help, defeating the purpose of a shorter line. The kiosks also have a tendency to break down easily, which makes frequent technology support necessary. As you can imagine, this causes a lot of work for both your consumers and you.

But many stores continue installing self-checkout kiosks because they may be having a hard time finding employees, self-service checkout is improving and a lot of people continue to choose it over traditional checkout lanes. Despite the mixed reviews, self-checkout doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.

Young woman hands scanning / entering discount / sale on a receipt.Self-Scanning Checkouts

Self-scanning or mobile scanning is expected to rapidly increase in the upcoming years. It involves customers using a handset or mobile device to scan as they shop. It cuts out the tedious task of manual scanning at the checkout counter. But this form of checkout also comes with some issues such as theft or cart abandonment, because some shoppers leave the store if they can’t find the product they are looking for.

No More Signatures

Signing a credit card receipt or the card reader can be such a pain. Your hands may be full or you’re using them to try and corral your children. NCR Counterpoint now gives you the ability to suppress signatures on Ingenico credit card readers. Removing the need for signatures not only speeds up the checkout process but also helps prevent the spread of germs during cold and flu season.

AI-Powered Shopping Carts

Smart carts do exactly what you would think. They add up your purchases and add up your items as you drop them in your cart so customers can skip the checkout lines. So, why aren’t customers in love with them? Well, you can’t always leave the store with the cart, which is a nuisance. Customers are also worried about their data: what it is being used for after it’s collected.

Seamless Checkout Innovations

One of the most advanced technologies that have been introduced is seamless checkout. This option recognizes a customer’s items so they don’t have to scan each purchase, so it’s truly virtual. The customer benefits from automated check-in, hands-free checkout, and virtual shopping tracking. It provides the consumer with a better, personalized customer experience with faster service and more convenience.

Creating a seamless checkout experience is very important when it comes to overall customer satisfaction. While the industry is transitioning from traditional checkout to self-checkout to – eventually – full automation, it’s important to have your customer’s support on deck at all times. So make it as easy as possible for them at every step into the future!