Slam Dunk Retail Technology for Your Sporting Goods Store

The sports retail industry is consistently transforming because of new technological innovations. You don’t have to be an athlete to keep up with the fierce competition, but it is necessary to use a retail Point of Sale (POS) solution that is up for the task. One of the best systems on the market to manage your sporting goods store is NCR Counterpoint because it can track alternate units, manage stock, customize pricing, configure items, and much more. Let’s take a look at how inventory management systems can keep you ahead of the game in sports retail.

Tracking Alternate Units

Closeup on hands holding balls for a tennis court on shop background.With Counterpoint, you can track alternate units for your orders or sales. Using alternate units, you are able to sell tennis balls by the case, can, or individual ball and have separate pricing for each item. Plus, you can track clothing or shoes by color, size, sport, etc. for ordering and reporting, which automatically organizes and streamlines your inventory management.

Purchase Advice

This tool is exactly what it sounds like: it has the ability to make timely suggestions about what items should be purchased next. Defining inventory min. and max. is critical to setting up purchase advice in Counterpoint, it gives you a range of minimum and maximum amounts you should stay within, ultimately optimizing what stock you have on hand.

Customize Pricing Structure

Managing and pricing your inventory across multiple locations and possibly a warehouse can be really challenging. Proper inventory management can be the difference between being profitable and ending the month in the red. Not to mention, it saves you and your employees valuable time. NCR Counterpoint allows you to price by sporting goods store with location-specific pricing or even by color and/or size with SKU-specific pricing.

Create Sales Kits and Track Serial Numbers

Creating sales kits allows you to sell sporting equipment, services, and warranties as a package, which is perfect since sporting goods inventory often has items that need regular maintenance. By tracking serial numbers, you can access an in-depth record of each item: when it was received, the cost, what customer purchased it, and the warranty expiration.

With the ascent of technology and the quickly evolving sports retailing landscapes, the top companies are abandoning outdated platforms and switching to an innovative point-of-sale system like NCR Counterpoint. Having an integrated inventory management and tracking system doing the hard work behind the scenes allows you and your staff to focus your energy on what’s really important: the customers. Don’t get left on the sidelines without a scalable solution that you can rely on to grow your business.

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