5 Key Benefits of Cloud-based Retail Data Solutions

by John Garvey

Here’s an odd question: Do you want a water heater in your home?

The “obvious” answer is YES. But think one step further. A water heater is just a “hot water solution,” which carries with it all the hassles of ownership: maintenance, up-front expense, and eventually, replacement and disposal. All you really want is hot water.

What does this have to do with data centers?


If you could simply lease a water heater from your utility, your provider would have every incentive to:

  1. Keep your “hot water solution” working optimally month to month
  2. Provide the most energy-efficient, affordable model
  3. Maximize the lifespan of the appliance.

In short, everything would work better and last longer.So it goes with data centers. When you use a cloud data center for your needs, a short list of the benefits include:

  1. Protection from obsolescence and environmental hazards (fire, flood, blackouts)
  2. Reduced vulnerability to security breaches
  3. Up-front and life cycle cost savings on hardware, software, IT staff and utilities
  4. Scalability (geographic, multi-location, seasonal, hourly)
  5. Remote access to real-time data

With cloud-hosted data centers, you can say goodbye to disruptive software updates, expensive hardware upgrades, and vulnerability to environmental hazards like fire and flood. You can dynamically scale your business operations seasonally or even hourly without infrastructure-related limitations. Plus, your data’s protected by multiple layers of encryption. Don’t sacrifice all that for the false sense of security of having an on-site server you can look at. cat looking around a corner with large eyes Because we offer a variety of solutions for all types of retailers, you never have to worry about a vendor trying to nail a square peg into a round hole. With a dozen industry-specific Counterpoint customizations, plus POS terminals, CRM, and cloud-based data solutions, we’ll start by figuring out what works best for you.


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For the past several years, it’s become common to consider cloud services as an alternative to on-premises applications and internal data centers. But with the new levels of pricing, controls, and options, it’s now getting to the point where … cloud services are no longer just an option but are instead becoming the default.
Michael Miller, Forward-Thinking columnist, PC Magazine

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